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Anthony Nunziante

No description

J Kostenbader

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Anthony Nunziante

wonderful snowflakes
How many snowflakes fall each second
Over a billion snowflakes fall every second. This is throught the world. It's also a theroy.
what are snowflakes?
Snowflakes are ice crystals. The smallest flake is diamond dust crystals.
How are snowflakes created?
They are formed from water vapors in the air. When it gets cold it turns to snow and starts to fall. This is how there created.
What are snowflakes real colors?
Snowflakes seem white but there not. They seem like that but it is just the suns reflection. without the sun snow would be clear.
Anthony Nunziante
Why do snowflakes fall

They fall when the temperature is underneath freezing. For example 20°or lower. It gets very cold then flakes fall.
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