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Midsummer Nights Dream Summary

No description

Shae Harrison

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Midsummer Nights Dream Summary

Midsummer Nights Dream Summary
Hill Billies

Act 1 Scene 1
Theseus and Hippolyta are discussing their nuptial hour (Theseus seems very excited yet Hippolyta is very unsure about the idea).
Egeus comes in angry and complaining about an unaranged relationship between his daughter (Hermia) and Lysander and is asking permission to kill her if she refuses to marry his chosen son (Demetrius).
Lysander and Demetrius argue over who is better and Lysander tells of Demetrius sleeping with Helena.
Lysander comes up with an idea of running to his aunts house where they can get married as it is not in Athens or run by Athenian law. They are to meet a league out of town in the woods.
Hermia tells Helena of their plan.
Helena plans to tell Demetrius of Hermia and Lysanders plan so that he will fall for her once more.
Act 1 Scene 2
The Hill Billies are having a meeting about the play they are to perform at the Duke's (Theseus') wedding.
Bottom has been shown as an "ass" because of how rude he is.
So that no-one is to see them rehearse, they have decided to practice a league out of town in the woods... Where Hermia is to meet Lysander!

Dad of

A fairy
Peter Quince
Nick Bottom (ass)
Francis Flute
Tom Snout
Robin Standing
Snug (lion)


Act 2 Scene 1
Oberon is upset with Titania as she has acquired a new 'son like' figure.
The boy is an indian kings son that who's mother died at birth. The mother was one of Titania's close friends.
Titania accuses Oberon of disguising himself as a human and having affairs with many women... including Hippolyta!
Oberon accuses Titania of loving another man... Theseus.
Oberon plans to give Titania a love potion and hopes that she will fall in love with the first creature she lays eyes upon (e.g. she lives in a forest so a lion, monkey etc.)
Puck is introduced and we find out that he is a devilish little fairy who likes to play tricks on the old and mislead wanderers in the night and laugh at their injuries.
Demetrius and Helena enter and he tells her of his hatred towards her. Helena accepts his hate and says that her love can provide for the both of us. He threatens her by saying he will rape her if she does no leave.
Act 3 Scene 1
Act 2 Scene 2
Oberon places the flower love potion into Titanias eye and hopes for her to wake and see a beast
Puck mistakens Hermia and Lysander for Helena and Demetrius and places the love potion into Lysanders eye instead.
Lysander wakes to see Helena... He falls in love with her
Helena believes that he is playing a trick on her
Hermia wakes from a dream of a serpent eating her heart and sees that Lysander has gone
Act 3 Scene 2 cont.
All of the lovers are put to sleep by puck
When the lovers are all sleeping, puck squeezes another potion into Lysanders eye which will cause all of the lovers to forget the previous and all of the confusion will seem as a dream (so, Helena will love Demetrius, Demetrius-Hermia, Hermia-Lysander and Lysander-Hermia)
Act 3 Scene 2
Puck tells Oberon of the hilarity of Titania falling in love with Bottom the ass
Oberon is pleased with his plan and asks of how it went with Demetrius
Demetrius enters with Hermia and Oberon and Puck realize the mistake Puck made
Hermia accuses Demetrius of killing Lysander
Oberon tries to fix the problem by putting more potion onto demetrius' eye
Lysander, Helena and Demetrius are in the same part of the forest
Lysander and Demetrius begin to fight over the love of Helena
Helena believes that both boys are playing a trick on her
Hermia enters and overhears what Lysander is saying
Lysander tells Hermia he no longer loves her, but he loves the 'beautiful' Helena
Hermia is sad and Helena now thinks that all 3 of them are in on the 'joke'
Hermia and Helena start fighting
Oberon and Puck see the love square they have created and plan to fix it
Act 4 Scene 2
All of the working men are gathered wondering and worrying about whether the play can go on without Bottom
Bottom enters and everyone cheers... Yay!
Bottom tells the men of his 'dream' and says (demands) that Quince adds it to the play that they are to perform to the King and future queen at their wedding
Act 5 Scene 1 cont.
The working men continue with their play beginning to question their performance
The play continues to get worse and Hippolyta states- "Beshrew my heart, but i pity the man".
In the end (when Bottom and Thisbe are both dead on stage (in character)) Theseus jokes- "Moonshine and Lion are left to bury the dead". Bottom and Thisbe then both start up and 're-assure' the audience that in fact they are not really dead and that they were just acting.
After the play, the lovers, king and queen go upstairs and to bed for their 'honeymoon'.
The fairies enter (Puck, Titania, Oberon) and 'bless' the beds the lovers sleep in on their first night of marriage.
Every one exits. Puck faces the audience and speaks to them. Telling them all was a dream.
Act 5 Scene 1
Theseus and Hippolyta converse about the strangeness of the love the lovers speak of
Lysander and Theseus congratulate and toast the lovers and each other on their marriages
Theseus chooses Quince and the working men's play out of 3 others
They laugh over the odd way it is described- "Merry and tragical? Tedious and brief? That is hot ice and wonderous strange snow! How shall we find the concord of this discord?"
The working men begin their play, Quince enters first for the prologue
Already the city folk are discussing the play- "This fellow doth not stand upon points" "He hath rid his prologue like a rough colt; he knows not the stop. A good moral, my lord; it is not enough to speak, but to speak true
Act 4 Scene 1
When Titania and bottom are asleep, puck and Oberon enter with a potion to make Titania fall in love with Oberon once again
When Titania awakens, she sees her dear Oberon and says "My Oberon, what visions have i seen! Methought i was enamour'd of an ass". Oberon then says "there lies your love". Titania then looks over and sees bottom questioning her love for him.
Puck turns bottom back into a human and all exit and leave bottom asleep.
Theseus, Egeus and his train enter to find the lovers, naked, laying together in the grass (Hermia in Lysanders arms and Helena in Demetrius')
They wake them. Demetrius declares his love for Hermia "melted like snow" and that he is now in love with Helena and Lysander says he does and always will love Hermia
Thesues says that he will cancel the killing of Hermia and that the lovers are all to go to his house for the wedding.
The lover stay after Egeus and Theseus leave and wonder about how they got to where they are and if it is all a dream.
Bottom and the rest of the 'working men' are practicing the play in the forest
Bottom is being an 'ass'
Puck enters and sees Bottom being rude to everyone so he decides that he will torment and harras him
Puck puts an asses head onto Bottom and he (Bottom) scares the rest of the 'working men' and is left by himself in the forest
Bottom begins to sing (badly) and wakes up Titania... who falls in love with him from the love potion
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