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ELA Module 3A: Unit 1 Lesson 1

No description

John Pufky

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of ELA Module 3A: Unit 1 Lesson 1

In this module we will view images and read informational texts to learn about how American athletes broke barriers during the era in which they lived.
After you have found the person who has the matching quote:
1. Compare and contrast between your inference, and your partners.

2.When done, find a person who has a different quote. Share each of your quotes, and the inference.
On your own, use your whiteboards to give an example of "Culture."
I can make observations and ask questions during a gallery walk about the importance of sports in American Culture.
Gallery Walk
Take ten to fifteen minutes to circulate around the room and observe the images. Record your thoughts on your wonder/notice note-catchers.
*I can use
to make
about why sports are important to American culture.
*I can listen effectively to my partner when sharing.
Protocol cards:
-On your own, read the quote on your card.
-Then make an inference about why sports are important in American culture, based on the quote.
-Write an inference on the back of your card.
ELA Module 3A: Unit 1 Lesson 1

In your groups discuss what the term barrier means, and and illustrate it on your whiteboards.
In your notebooks create an I notice and I wonder chart.
Share in your pods when done
Take 5-10 minutes to mingle around the room, sharing your quote, and it's inference. Try to find the person that has the same quote as you.
"What did you infer about why sports are important in American culture?"
*I can determine the meaning of new words in quotes using context clues
Vocabulary Strategies Anchor Chart:
Read words and phrases before and after the words for hints
Think about parts of the word I already know
Think about what part of speech the word is.
1.Reread your quote.
2. Circle 2 unknown, or key (important) words.
3. Write each word you circled on an index card.
4. Use context clues to think about the meaning of what each word might be. Don't write a definition yet!
5. With a partner share and discuss your words/definitions.
6. Write your definition and draw a picture of your circled words on the front and back of your note card.
Save your index card in your folder!
Why are sports important in American culture?
What did you view or read during the Gallery Walk and and card mingle today make you think of?
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