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Career Shadowing

No description

Madison Gullifer

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Lakeland Christian School Athletics Director Mark Kirby, the AD at LCS,
and my mentor for the day. My work station where
I helped Mr. Kirby with
a few of his tasks. Although he is the AD,
he also teaches a driver's
education class. This is
the car he uses for teaching
the students the proper way
to drive. The purpose of this company
is to educate the students that
enroll in the school. In 15 years, this company will
still be teaching children and
providing them with the
necessary skills to survive
in the real world. Necessary Employability Skills
needed for this job include
being on time, dressing
appropriately, and completing
work that needs to be done. If he is not on time for work
every day, he would get fired
and would have to go find
a job, something not easy to
do nowadays. If he did not dress appropriately,
he might not lose his job, but he
could possibly be demoted and
lose his current position. He would also not be setting a good example for the students in the school. If he did not get his work done,
he would definitely be fired.
He would be of no use to the
school any longer, and they
would find someone better
suited to fill his position. In order to work as and AD,
you need to have at least 4 yr.
worth of college. My mentor
noted that most ADs start out
as teachers, so they are familiar
to the system. He also stated
that most teachers have something
to do with physical education if
they become and AD. There really is not an average
annual salary for an AD. It all
depends on the school, and the
experience the person has. Just
like teachers are paid different
amounts based on their years
of service, the same goes for ADs. Technology used in this job includes
telephone, computers, and e-mail. Social etiquette that is needed for this
job is the ability to speak well and
communicate with other people. If you
get nervous when you speak with others,
or are uncomfortable communicating
with people you don't know very well,
this is probably not the job for you. Yes, I would pursue a job with this
company. They are well-structured
and they have a great staff to go
with it. The thing I liked best about this job
was the variety of things that the AD
has to do. Basically, each day is never
the same because different things need
to be done. The thing that I did not like about this job
was being in an office for a good part of the
day. I like being active and moving around,
so that would be a downfall, to me at least,
of this job.
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