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The Evolution of the Landing Page

What are the components of a successful landing page? This presentation covers the features of the most ambitious of landing pages: The Sales Page. You may not use this format specifically, but you can borrow from it to improve your own pages.

Brian Massey

on 9 February 2012

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Transcript of The Evolution of the Landing Page

Bria Brianfsdafds mm,mnn,n Hello Pop Overs Exit Pop Overs Capturing Abandons Premptive Strategies Modern Landing Page The Johnson Box The Alternating Bold
Bulleted List The Buy Button Altitude 19,701 Pixels High Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials CONCLUSIONS Don't be afraid of long copy and storytelling Don't sell products that don't work Abandoned Cart Email The Guarantee Consider asking for contact info even if you want the sale Search Results Pop Overs Up-sell Pop Overs In-copy Lead Generation Pop Overs are becoming more acceptible to prospects Consider offers for information as well as promotional ads Let design draw the eye
to important messages Testimonials work in almost any industry Help the reader through your copy Risk reversal is an effective way to increase conversions Ask for the business Use design to draw the eye to offers Every communication is a test Bria Brianfsdafds mm,mnn,n Hello The Hard-hitting
Headline Be clearly relevant to
reader's interest 17,299 Pixels High AdwordsAdvantage.com CoverActionPro.com 12,593 Pixels High Sign it Make it personal. P. S. I Love you Postscripts
are one of the
most read parts
of a sales letter. Get 45 minutes with
The Conversion Scientist Free Your core conversion pattern
Home Page performance
Blocks to Conversion
Site goals
Measuring your progress Brian Massey Brian@ConversionScientist.com
Twitter: bmassey
facebook.com/ConversionScientist The Conversion Scientist™ Brian@ConversionScientist.com
Twitter: bmassey
facebook.com/ConversionScientist Will this work in a Business to Business Sale? Video The Evolution of the Landing Page Landing Page Our First Landing Page... 100% Conversion Rate From email beginning: Dear Mom,

Trust me on this. Aggressive Split Testing Didn't Help Conversion Drops when
Business Goals
are Considered Increase in Conversion
doesn't speak well
of our mothers. We don't need to start
from scratch. Home Page In the early 1900s, Page Boys, or
"Pages" were commonly used as servants or special assistants. Landing Page Origins Aided Trapeze Artists
on their landings Helped around the
House For some years,
only flying pages
ever landed. Then pages landed
in our mailboxes Forgetting our
lessons from page
boys, we used our
home pages as
landing pages. The Internet is Born Information Marketers,
"Infopreneures" and
Affiliate Marketers have
tested landing pages against
millions of visitors. Here is what they've learned. http://bit.ly/ScientistTime
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