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Mindless Behavior

No description

Mariah Goodspeed

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Mindless Behavior

Mindlesssss Behaviorrrrrr<3
Jacob Emmanuel Perez a.k.a Princeton is a talkative, high spirited and highly attractive individual. He was born on April 21, 1996. Princeton's favorite color is green and he is of African American and Mexican descent, he previously described himself in a Philadelphia public fan interview as blaxican. Princeton encourages the fans to do their best in school. He confessed that he used to be a poor student but after joining the group and realizing the value of education his grades have improved to A's and used to be mentally and physically bullied. Princeton is currently 17 years old and will be turning 18 next year (2014). He mentioned once that his favorite subject was English. Princeton stated that though he understands Spanish well he is not as good at speaking it. Princeton is the second oldest in the group after Ray Ray. Many fans have described Princeton and the other boys to be humble despite their fame. Princeton's signature is his afro and his many shades. He’s also known to encourage Positivity and Self love with his friends and the fans, his motto being "Spread the Peace!" This is a direct affect of his experience with bullying he was younger due to not fitting in, despite this he encourages fans to "Be Themselves" and has even described himself as a Misfit stating that his differences are part of the things that make him special. He along with the other Mindless Behavior members are currently single. and has admitted to only just recently experiencing his first kiss. Princeton said that one thing that the fans don't know about him is that he still likes to be to himself and keep things just to him. He looks up to many of artists such as: Michael Jackson, Prince, Usher and Chris Brown.
Ray Ray
Roc Royal
Roc Royal whose real name is Chresanto August , was born on July 23, 1997. He currently lives in the 'Conjunction Household' in Los Angeles California with the other Mindless Behavior members. His personality is very quiet and up until earlier this year (2012) he was often seen in buffalo hats and a low puffy ponytail. He mentioned his favorite colors are black and blue. He started rapping at the age of 8.He auditioned to join Mindless Behavior in 2008 where he met Princeton, they both were the first members of Mindless Behavior. He is also the youngest Mindless Behavior member. He is usually calm, cool and down to earth. Despite numerous rumors like all the other Mindless Behavior members he is single.He loves animals and when asked if not in MB what he would like to do he said veterinarian. His favorite subject is American History. He likes to watch movies and ride in go-carts.He can also do a back-flip, swim and skateboard with the other members of Mindless Behavior. He and all the other MB members have said they love food. He says that his favorite foods are Soul foods and Mexican food. Roc Royal is mixed with Black, Belizan, French, and English. Roc Royal put together the greatest 4 member group: Drake, Chris Brown, Ray Ray and Prodigy, which he found funny. He said that one thing the fans don't know about him is that he likes to build things. Another thing he said is that he can't live without are his animals, which is cute. Roc Royal is home schooled as well as the rest of Mindless Behavior. He is currently in the 9th grade. His role models are Michael Jackson, Drake, Kanye West, Diddy and Eminem I MET ROC ROYAL: 11/16/13
Mindless Behavior
I will be talking about all the members of Mindless Behavior <3 Because well, I love them.

Rayan Lopez aka Ray Ray was born January 6, 1996. He is the second member to join Mindless Behavior. He was discovered by Walter's uncle as he told Walter about Ray Ray as he joined the band after dancing for Walter, he was immidiately in the group . In the group, he lends his incredible dancing skills along with his vocal and rapping powers. Before joining the group Ray Ray, used to krump with Tommy the Clown until he left his crew to be in Mindless Behavior. Ray Ray is the oldest member of the group at age 17. Even with his full stage name, Ray Ray, his fans simply call him Ray. Personality wise, many fans have described Ray Ray as a "funny" and "down to earth" young man. He is known for being the prankster of of the group. Ray Ray has said that he is mixed with African-American, Indian, Belizean, and Hatian. Another trait that Ray Ray is noted for is the fact that he speaks his mind and is often blunt when it comes to his opinions, whether it comes to his friends or fans, but he always seems to mean well. Ray Ray's favorite food is tacos, but he also loves belgium waffles and rapping about chicken. Like all the other boys Ray has a unique style. Ray's signature accessory on stage are his aviator goggles. However offstage, he is often seen wearing his Domo Hat and more recently beanies. He also is very fond of Vans and Doc Marten shoes. Ray has also stated several times that he loves all girls because they are all beautiful in their own way. I MET RAY RAY: 11/1613
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