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What Does It Do?

ESL lesson looking at function and description verbs, adjectives and nouns

Dan Mahony

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of What Does It Do?

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Let's Practice! Examples Describing Function What does it do? describing function INVENTIONS CRAZY the chopstick fan the subway sleep hat the baby sweeper the bike-mower the tissue hat the butter stick the coffee and cookies cup the full-body umbrella To describe things, we can use be, have and can. be + adjective have + noun can + verb My phone is thin. My phone has a camera. My phone can play music. be + adjective have + noun can + verb Inside a Car Let's describe the features and functions of a car. 55078008 My phone has a touchscreen. My phone is small. My phone can send emails. It has It has It has It is It is It is It can It can It can expensive compact old-fashioned 6 strings many buttons two wheels boil water record video cook rice It is It can It is It can It can It has It can It is It has It can It has It can It can It is It can It has It is It can It can It has It is It can It can It is It can It has It can It is It can It has It is It can It is It can It has It is It can It is silver cook food colorful shoot water an arm cuddle you while you sleep black wake you up a strap keep you dry a brush at the front brush the floor purple iron clothes a fan cool your food expensive tell the time a big lens take good photos plastic keep you dry (even your feet!) a camera send text messages plastic help you eat your food help you exercise light store many books plastic help you find places a handle green clean your floor metal keep things safe slim a camera This can This is help you find places very convenient a navigation system It has This can help you drive fast It has two seats in the back
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