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Duke Ellington

Composer Project

curtis mclennan

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Duke Ellington

The Duke Ellington Orchestra in 1927 the Washingtonians changed their name to the Duke Ellington Orchastra In 1927, the Washingtonians changed their name to the Duke Ellington Orchestra. They played at the Cotton Club, the most popular nightclub in New York, for four years. Duke's band created "jungle music" involving growling muted horns, tom-tom percussion and unusual harmonies. Duke's band made people picture colors in their minds. He departed from the Cotton Club in 1931. Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington Duke was born on April 29, 1899. Duke was born on April 29, 1899, in Washington D.C. Duke was close to his mother, and his father was an experienced butler. After many complaints, Edward's parents gave up on piano. Later, when Edward grew up, he started his piano again, after seeing a person named Harvey Brooks play. Edward wrote and performed his first piece for a high school dance. The Washingtonians At about this time, Edward got the nickname "Duke." The Washingtonians were created at around 1917. The Washingtonians played at parties, dances, and clubs. Soon, Duke added many more talented members to the band. The Washingtonians eventually moved to Harlem, New York City, where all the famous jazz bands were playing. They became famous after playing in Barron's Exclusive Club. James "Bubber" Miley, a trumpet and cornet player that specialized in the plunger mute sound, helped make jazz in the Washingtonians. In 1940, they had one of the most popular bands in the USA, making radio broadcasts, records, and appearances all over the country. Dukes popularity fell down in the 1950s, but kept on writing and became popular for the rest of his life after a sax solo. His more famous pieces might be Mood Indigo, Solitude, or I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart. He died on May 24, 1974, :'( but he proved in his life that jazz was just as important as other music. This is His Face Dukes popularity fell down in the 1950's when people got more interested in new music like rock and roll. Duke was dissipionted The Washingtonians is a band that Duke created. But, Duke kept working hard, and after a sax solo, he became famous for the rest of his life. The era of Duke's music was the 20th Century Era. Duke Ellington Orchestra Part 2 Duke was disappointed, but he never gave up and came back up in 1956. Duke was soon invited to play for a jazz festival in Newport, Rhode Island. Duke's fame grew after this event. Created by:
Justin Chang #4
Curtis McLennan #19
Alex Zhen #28
Hope you enjoyed!!!!
Duke became busy writing music and giving concerts for the rest of his life. THE END!!!!!!!!!!! Today, you can listen to Duke's music on radios, TVs, or cassette tapes.
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