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Texas Govt.

Stephanie Parra

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Education

US Dept. of Education Texas House Proposal Edgewood v Kirby 1984 Any Questions? Budget Budget cuts within education.
Loss of money means the loss of educational programs such as art and the reduction of pre- k level education involvement.
2011 saw a loss of 4 billion towards education No Child Left Behind Education 2011 saw a 4 billion budget cut.

Earlier this year the Texas House of Representatives agreed on a bill to help out not only education but other institutions as well. It was a proposal to increase the State budget to 93.5 billion through the use of federal grants, giving us an additional 2.5 billion to schools. These grants would help us stray from using our rainy day fund. Bob, Charlie, Steph, Brent Race to the Top Texas Senate Proposal Teacher's Salary Dropping in TX Texas Spending Not Prioritized Standardized Testing = Waste of Time created in 1979 under Carter
smallest cabinet dept.
2002 budget $46 billion
2004 budget $60 billion increased DoEd budget
standards-based (requires states to assess students w/standardized tests)
mixed results 2001 2009 $4.35 billion contest
awards states for increasing test scores, turning around failing schools, etc.
4 largest states in tier 1 (CA, TX, NY, FL)
$750 million award max Rick Perry's reason
for refusing Race to the Top funding "we would be foolish and irresponsible to place our children’s future in the hands of unelected bureaucrats and special interest groups thousands of miles away in Washington" 1032 school districts
9232 public schools
4.8 million students
333,000 teachers TEA formed in 1949 NISD formed in 1949 responsible for primary and secondary education
oversees school districts
15 member State Board of Education
managed by Commissioner of Education (Michael Williams) 4th largest district in Texas (soon to be 3rd)
98,000 students, 13,000 staff
over 110 campus locations
10 high schools (4 more planned)
serves 355 square miles
student locator project in recent news The quality of Texas' teachers is dropping because of low pay in a competitive market.
32 states pay higher salaries whereas Texas has not kept up with inflation since 2000 The average salary for TX teachers is $47,311, well below the national average of $54,965 TX is now more than $3,000 below the national average when it comes to spending on education. That's about $66,000 less per elem. classroom. Tx schools are spending about $8,400 per student in the current school yr where the nat. average is spending $11, 455.
This is low enough to put the state 49th in a ranking of 50 States. Only AZ and NV spend less on their students. Instead of teachers preparing students for a college curriculum, they are told to focus on standardized testing such as TAKS and STAR testing.
This is hurting incoming freshmen in college. The ACT scores prove this by only 25% of all public HS grads passing the benchmark. Leaving 75% of students to brush up on fundamentals that they should've learned in HS. Gov Making Wrong Cuts

The start was in 2006 when the state decided to lower property taxes. To counteract the amount of money that was lost becomes of lack of property tax funds, State Legislatures decided to raise the taxes on businesses and cigarettes. However there was an inequality and the amount of money raised via business and cigarettes was not equaling the amount of money we had lost due to low property taxes. Instead of raising property taxes again, budget cuts seemed to be the perfect route to go. Education seemed to be an institution that was first to be cut. The Texas Senate passed a bill with different characteristics then the bill passed by the House. The main characteristics that contrast is the senate wants to place most of the money into mental health institutions. Allowing only 1.5 billion in education. Both Councils are reconvening to reach an agreement. Reason for Budget Cuts -- Edgewood ISD is historically poor district with limited ability to levy property taxes comparable to neighboring districts.
-- In bringing this lawsuit they compared themselves to districts like Alamo Heights ISD, who had high property values and nearly 3 times to tax money at their disposal
-- This was the sole source of school
education funding at the time
-- The issue of equity was now being brought into the courts Feb 4, 2013 state District Judge John Dietz ruled the present School finance system unconstitutional!
This is just the first step in the litigation, this case is expected to go to Texas Supreme Court 600 School Districts v Texas State Legislature -- 600 school districts from across the state involved, from poor school districts to the richer districts
-- two/thirds of the states 5 million plus public school children coved
-- at issue $5.4 billion in cuts to schools and education grant programs the legislature proposed in 2011 Decision 2013 Thirty Years of Litigation -- result of Edgewood lawsuit in 1984
-- so-called Robinhood scheme enacted in 1993
--Edgewood v State cases 2-6 from 1984-2006
--insufficient funding , and unfair distribution Despite the history of TX education, San Antonio is taking a step in the right direction
Pre-K for SA program focuses on high quality prekindergarten services for four-year-old children.
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