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Weapons designer Career

freshman seminar paper

Jordan Pierce

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Weapons designer Career

Weapons desinger Where would I get employed at? The millitary
Airforce Employed by myself Degree I would need Bachelors or Masters degree What would I need it in?? Mechanical Engineering and/or Chemical Engineering Schools I can go to for Engineering Duke University
North Carolina at Chapel hill
North Carolina State University
University of North Carolina-- Charlotte (Lee) Tuition Tuition Tuition Tuition $14,200 per semester $5,773 per semester $6,665 per semester $4,807 per semester How much money could I make? Sources say:
Roughly $70,000 depending on who you work for and what kind of weapons you are making. Job Outlook Since the military weapons are evolving and becoming more technical, like heat seeking missiles and guns that will work in all types of weather. The job in 5-10 or more years after looks really good. Work setting at these empolyment places Working with other commrads in a building of some sort.
In a cubical Which i hope will not happen.
At a millitay base.
At my own house or on the road. Job description I would probably be working on a computer or with a slab of paper and a pencil. Designing new weapons inside and out, knowing every little piece is in it and how they work. Putting those little pieces together so they work together and i get that soilder home in one piece Holland Code R.A.E
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