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1960's Cost of Living

No description

Leah Grabowski

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of 1960's Cost of Living

In the 1960's they didn't spend much money at the grocery store the average amount they spent at the grocery store a week is about $3.60. cost food in the 1960's Houses The prices of houses in 1960 were much different than they are now. A new house, on average, cost around $12,700 in the year 1960. However, by 1969, the price had shot up to about $15,500. The median home value of the entire United States in the sixties was $11,900. The price in each state varied from one state to another. These median prices ranged from about $6,000 to $20,000. Apartments Renting apartments in the 1960s cost much less than it does now. Rent was normally somewhere near or between $100-$175, depending on the size and amenities of your apartment. Bills The average electricity and gas bill was 42 cents per person per week. The average water bill per person per week was around 50 cents. Housing cost, on average, about $1.50 per person per week. Health insurance for a whole family was normally around $75 per month. Cars, Gas, and Taxes Cars were much less expensive in comparison to today, an average price was $2,600. One gallon of gas was about 25 cents, while public transportation was about 47 cents. Price compared Now and in the 1960s on average There was an $11 billion tax cut
passed to encourage people to
spend money and have confidence
in the government. The inflation in the 60's was about 1.46%. What's the difference? Stocks $1 in the 1960s equals about $7.39 now! The graph starts at 1961 on
the x-axis and ends at 2012. Looking at the positive correlation, we can see that stocks and owning part of a company is a more common occurrence now than in the 60's. 1960s Cost of Living Average Prices By: Sophie Yungblut, Leah Grabowski, Katelyn Bard, Jacob Fries and Sam Priede "1960s Flashback-Economy / Prices    ." 1960s Flashback-Economy / Prices    . Trader's Edge LLC - Internet Development & Web Hosting, 2011. Web. 12 Sept. 2012. <http://www.1960sflashback.com/1960/economy.asp>.
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-dozen of eggs $0.57
-loaf of bread $0.20
-fresh carrots $0.09
-chicken $0.29 per pound
-potatoes $0.39 for 10 pounds
-apples $0.49 for 3 pounds
-shampoo $0.60
-soap $0.25 for 4 bars
-toilet paper $0.25 for 2 rolls
-toothpaste $0.53
-vacuum cleaner- $40
-education- $0.17
-doctor $0.65
-laundry detergent $0.32
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