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Lord of the Flies : Aftermath

An awesome sequel to 'Lord of the flies' by William Golding by Breanna G. Jacob N. Lachlan B. Kassidy L. & Keifer G.

Kassidy Lamey

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies : Aftermath

~The Sequel~
The Story After...
They sat in an Idle silence, as the boat slowly chugged through the still blue ocean. Ralph glared at his hands, covered in dirt and splinters. The crew members busied themselves with all kinds of things, without sparing but a glance for them. Jack looked around as if he had just been frightened, is hands quivering and his face even more pale than usual. Roger seemed unaffected by the situation, he waltzed about the deck pondering what shall happen to them. Ralph held his head in his hands, weeping for all that has happened but at the same time his relief consumed him, his life had been spared.

The ship neared coastline, the waves slowly washing away the shore. The boys all felt worried of their future. Would they be safe? Their Innocence lost, hearts wilted they shambled across the bridge onto the deck. Ralph glanced at Jack, but Jack just bowed his head.

After the death's of Simon, Piggy and the loss of the boy with the birth-mark across his face was confirmed, it was to be held in court who was responsible. Jack & Ralph had both been leaders, so they were both liable. However court was postponed until they had both reached the age of 18, so they may be trialed as adults.
So What Happened During the Years Between?
Percival Wemys Madison
Sam 'n' Eric
The Littluns
Poor little Percival never did get over the events that occured on the Island, in fact his mind was thrown astray, and in turn he was sent to a Mental Institution and sadly never was able to return to The Vicarage, Harcourt, St. Anthony, Hants for 3 years of Solitary Confinement and Heavy Therapy.
Ralph fell into a spiral of depression over his lost friends, he blamed only himself for what happened on the island. Ralph dwelled upon these thoughts often and how he could've changed things.
Aside from that, Ralph returned to school as normal and was happy to return to his home in the countryside.
The Island
Sharpened at both ends
Its All-Knowing Grin
The Choir
Kill the Pig
Cut her Throat
Bash her in
Innocence Lost
The Beast
Inside of Us
So What Followed?
The Court session, had taken much less time than Ralph anticipated, the session pertained of much argument, but Jack couldn't bear it any longer. The pressure, the guilt, the stains left on his heart lead him to interrupt the Judge, and Plea Guilty.
Jack was sentenced to 1 year in prison, to him this seemed years but a thought lingered in his mind, that Ralph was as much to blame as himself, so why didn't Ralph stand? Why didn't he admit that it was his fault? This burden of a thought weighed heavily on Jacks mind for the coming year.
At last the day of freedom for jack had arrived, but his thoughts still lingered, a taste for blood, for killing still dormant within. Jack felt need for revenge, as if it would solve all of his problems, as if it would erase all that occurred on the island.
Ralph stood in a convenience store, browsing through a selection of magazines and treats. A figure stood in the window, a heavy dark figure, whose pale skin and red hair stood out among the traffic. Ralph dropped the magazine he was reading the moment this figure caught his eye.
Jack walked past Ralph, giving him an evil glance, it was clear of what jack was attempting to accomplish. In an instant Ralph burst into a sprint through the door and out onto the street. Jack followed with such a pace, that Ralph had no chance.
The chase went over three crossings and out into an open train yard, where pale yellow grass lye, alongside an old brick building. Ralph ran until an old carriage sat in his path, Jack drew a knife, flicking it open violently. A grin on his face, a sinister glare and the intent of murder, Jack had truly become the Beast.
The Knife lunged into Ralph, severing no veins but wounding him greatly. As the flow of crimson tainted Ralph's white shirt, he grappled Jack and pushed him to the ground, grabbing the knife and managing to toss it onto an old railway track.
Jack hurled himself off the ground into a sprint, he had twisted his ankle, but pain was no obstacle. Ralph made his way deeper into the train yard, his wound slowing him, the pain growing by the second. Jack grasped his knife and began the search for Ralph, who was hiding by the current railway station.
Ralph propped his weakening body against a wall on the other side of the track. Life fading as blood began to gush out and coat the tiles beneath him a new color. His blood filled the gaps between almost every tile. Ralph had become very pale and his vision began to blur, but Jack had gained sight of him.
Ralph held his hand out to jack just as the crossing signals began to blare, a train's horn honked in the distance, Jack limped across the platform and onto the tracks, where he stumbled. The train neared, and Jack's ankle struck him with enough pain to stun him.
The corner illuminated as a large metal body swerved around the corner, slowing to a halt at the station.
As the train departed, a red smear of organs, skin and bones coated the railway tracks. Jacks head barely visible looked at Ralph with cold misunderstood, dead eyes. Ralph's vision went black, only to awaken from his seemed 'death' in a hospital. His legs were no longer functional and a wheelchair sat beside his bed. A set of wondrous bouquets lay on the tableside, marked with the names of Sam, Eric & A few of the littluns.
Ralph then visited the homes of Simon, Piggy and Jack leaving one of the bouquets he was given and an envelope at each door, stating "I am truly sorry for your loss, If it wasn't for me, your child would still be alive."
Ralph stared out to the seaside and thought of all that had been lost because of that island. Because of Jack. Because of Him. His wheelchair began to edge forward out onto the pier, until it reached the end.
Some of the littluns went back to preschool, meanwhile others were left scarred from the experience on the island.
Sam 'n' Eric were driven closer to each other, shutting out everyone else. The Twins grew untrusting and lived their lives in solitude, together never separated.
Jack returned to school, falling below average marks and abandoning the choir. His thoughts tended to wander towards the island, towards his taste for blood, towards revenge.
Roger went on to become head-boy in the choir after learning how to sing in c-sharp.
Robert went on to work in a convenience store which held place to a certain event between Ralph & Jack
Bill had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and slowly died a year later.
Rupert was one of the few that were able to overcome the events which had occurred on the island and is beginning to head in the direction of becoming a lawyer.
Harold was not able to cope with the events which happened on the island which forced him to become an outsider, and in turn this sent him further into his depression which eventually sadly forced him to take his own life when he was just 15.
Maurice became a pickpocket, too ashamed to return home. Eventually turning to a world of organized crime, becoming known as 'Maurice the Picker'
Henry was able to live on peacefully, using work, leisure and dreams in order to distract himself from his thoughts and memories of the island.
Created by
Breanna Green
Jacob Newcombe
Lachlan Boyd
Kassidy Lamey
& Keifer Goninon
Ralph gazed up and pushed forward thrusting his paralyzed body into the deep blue ocean. During the descent into blue, he saw a figure in the water, two in fact. Air was running out, and death drew near. The figments came close enough to be clear. Simon outstretched his arm alongside Piggy, towards Ralph
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