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Silver Element

No description

Tahj Bellamy

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Silver Element

Silver Element

who am I?
P: 47 E: 47 N: 60

Silver was first discovered by egyptians around 3400 B.C. and was found in Anatolia (modern day Turkey), Other cultures also used silver.Silver is a white, glossy, soft, & very ductile and malleable. It’s a good conductor for heat and electricity, also silver was discovered after after gold and copper.
Societal Connection
The industry uses silver by using it as Jewelry, Silverware, Mirrors, Glass, etc. The areas of silver are produced in Mexico, Peru, China, Australia, Russia. Silver is found in the sea, also found as ores. Environmental concerns about silver is a very lethal and toxic to all living things, can cause permanent skin damage, can cause kidney damage, eye damage, lung damage, liver damage, etc.

Physical Properties
State of Matter: Solid
Color: White
Texture: Smooth
IT’s Brittle
It’s a metal
Chemical Properties
Boiling Point: 4,014 (°F)
Melting Point: 1,764 (°F)
Atomic number: 47
Atomic Mass: 108
Isotopes: 11
Silver Reacts to sulfuric acid

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