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Fiela's Child 27-32

No description

maheen shaukat

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Fiela's Child 27-32

Fiela's child- Chapter 27-32 Aspect Monologue chapter27 Chapter 31 Chapter 29 Synopsis Benjamin returns to Feila
Benjamin confesses that he has fallen in love with Nina Bases his belief of not being van ruyen on his feelings for nina as blood would have repelled blood. He thinks about Barta Van Rooyen and her decisions 1. suffering an identity crisis

2. confused over what is true and who is the one lying

3. decides lukas doesnot exist anymore and determined to look for answers What was the significance of the maternal figures in Benjamin's life? Chapter28 Benjamin goes back to Barnards Island Chapter 30 fiela's worry for benjamin and her maternal love Chapter 32 -He questions who he is, he goes to John Benn and tells him that he is now Benjamin Komoetie and that he’s going back to Long Kloof.
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