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Theory of Evolution Timeline

*Note* Scientist are labeled according to year of birth

Hannah Leeman

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Theory of Evolution Timeline

Theory Of Evolution The Four "Wrong" Theories... Uniformitarism: Earth’s surface has always changed and continues to change through similar uniform but at a very gradual process Catastrophism: numerous global catastrophes in the past had repeatedly caused the extinction of species that were then replaced by newly created forms Actualism: the same geological processes occurring in the present also occurred in the past Spontaneous Generation: living organisms arise from nonliving matter Now Catastrophism. (2008, November 3). New World Encyclopedia, . Retrieved from http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/p/index.php?title=Catastrophism&oldid=843589. Geogres Cuvier Charles Darwin Leonardo da Vinci Sir Charles Lyell Jean Baptiste Lamarck Stephen J. Gould Anaximander Thomas Malthus Gregor Mendel Origin Sewall Wright 611 B.C.-546 B.C. pre-Socratic Greek philosopher
Believed that humans originated from the water
Evolved from fish
How did he prove his theory?
Fossils? or Greek Mythology?
This poses the question if it actually was the beginning of the evolution theory or just a well craved story?
Humans have been trying to come up with answers from our origin... but will we ever know the real answer? Bibliography Anaximander. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaximander Fossil Sketches by Leonardo da Vinci Evolution of a Fish? Italian Renaissance polymath
No wonder his interest in fossils
Studied and illustrated fossils after finding fossils of shells in a mountain top?
Vinci didn't fully understand what fossils were
He was able to introduce the world to the scientific miracle of fossils 1452-1519 1744-1829 1766-1834 1797-1875 1809-1882 1822-1884 1941-2002 1889-1988 Nicholas Steno 1677-1686 birth of paleontology
making a connection between "tongue stone" and a shark tooth
believed the teeth bit by bit were replaced by "stone"
But how did they get there?
Steno believed that new rock layers formed on older ones, trapping animal remains
These finding changed the face of the Theory of Evolution as scientist were now able to study animals of years before. Cartoon showing rock layers and the fossils within them British scholar influenced politics and demographics
Malthus contributed to ground breaking economic arguments, Darwin used many of his ideas to prove his own theories
Malthus looked at humans as a species and stated that the same forces fertility and starvation would effect us... as much as they would another species
Darwin took this to state that much like another species human must evolve to the forces effecting us French naturalist
Stated to be one of the fathers of the early theory of evolution
Lamark believed in a theory named "Inheritance of Aquired Traits"
stating that a species must adapt to it's environment and these adaptations would be passed down
Lamark was fixated on giraffes' necks trying to prove this theory
Although wrong ideas started heading in the right direction "Inheritance of a New Neck" 1769-1832 French naturalist and zoologist
Developed modern paleontology
Cuvier's goal was to prove whether or not species could become extinct
His findings were that Earth could go through remarkable changes and wipe out an entire species
Darwin's theory didn't include extinctions?
Cuvier later finds that over 99% of species fossilized do not exist today
This fact rises doubts in many theories of evoultion? British lawyer and geogloist
Father of "unformitarism"
Lyell saw the earth changing through a gradual, uniformed process
Much like on the Canary Island who's mountains grow an inch a year
Today we understand that earth went through changes in the past that wouldn't occur today
Lyell, although wrong, shaped the understanding of Earth's history and influced Darwin enormously Canary Island British naturalist
Know as "Father of Evolution"
"This preservation of favourable varications and the rejection of injurious varications, I call Natural Section." (Darwin)
Darwin's theory was Natural Section, survival of the fittest
species must change to survive
His observation and Malthus' view on humans allowed him to support his theory
Darwin changed the face of the evolution theory but it isn't until much later that we can prove his theory Darwin used finches extensivly to prove his theory Czech Republic monk
Founder of genetics
Mendel studied pea's... inbreeding them allowed him to develop an understanding of inherited trait
His effect allowed us to start an understanding of the genetics, in both plants and animal
Without genetics a lot wouldn't be possible... one being proving Darwin's theory Flow chart demestrating Mendel's findings American geneticist
With his colleagues Fisher and Haldene, a mathametical statement was created to prove genetics
This statement allowed Wright to prove natural section and even started to map the path evoultion will take American palentologist
Recounted the entire history of the Theory of Evolution
Gould developed a new theory of how timing and rate of change influence evoultion... this is now called heterochrony
In a field untouched for years Gould was about to make remarkable strides... once again proving that the evoultion of humans is a truly once in a universe creation Understanding Evolution. (2008, August 22). University of California Museum of Paleontology. Retireved from olution.berkeley.edu/>. Evolution. (2013, February) Mrs. Helmrichs. Retrived from My Notes.
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