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Saint Nicholas

No description

Pastor Chris Cahill

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Saint Nicholas

A Little Advent Adventure
Saint Nicholas, Saint Lucy, & Saint Thomas
Saint Nicholas of Myra
December 6
313 AD
325 AD
Still more recently
More recently
285-311 AD
What resulted from the Persecutions
"Persecutions of Christians" in the popular imagination
Edict of Constantine 313 AD
Donatist controversy
Arian heresy
Council of Nicea 325 AD
At the Council of Nicea
"Saint Nick"
Persecutions against Christians by Romans
Emperor Diocletian 284-305 AD
Co-Emperor Maximian Augustus 286-305
Galerius Caesar 293-305, Emperor 305-311
Constantius Caesar 293-306
February 24, 303 - Diocletian's "First Edict against the Christians"
Destruction of Christian Scriptures and places of worship
Forbidding of Christians assembling to worship
Further edicts compelled
Arrest of Christian clergy
Universal sacrifice to Emperor
Edicts rescinded by Galerius in 211 due to
Lack of success among Christians
Lack of sympathy among pagans
We're about here, by the way
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