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Position of Zane & Baiba

No description

Zane Kokina

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Position of Zane & Baiba

Non-traditional Ways of Music Distribution:
The Attitude of Latvian Consumers Position of
Baiba Plakane and Zane Kokina
Non-traditional ways of music distribution is taken from one work (Liebowitz & Watt, 2006)

Latvian culture consumption is based only on Kilis’ study (Kilis, 2008)

Individual innovativeness theory mainly by Rogers (1964)
- Thesis relies too much on specific studies:
The only academic study on exact topic
Gives academic segmentation

The most extensive scientific study on music consumption in Latvia

Rogers - the source of the concept - The use of online survey for identifying individual innovativeness – requires more elaboration
- Marketing approaches in the very end? Why not mentioned in introduction? - In introduction the theories used (Kilis, Rogers) are still not reasoned enough. Some extra sentences needed. - In conclusions the authors go over the methodology once again, which is exaggeration
Rogers' determinants of i.i. concept A: Q April 15 - Expert discussion:
1) Are you ready for the "Free"?

2) Internet connection - is it our big future?

3) Do we need record labels? - Thesis goes a little bit out of research question Great! [RQ is just one step] A: Different groups = different approaches
A long-term strategy containing diverse music distribution ways
B2C: active use of social networks in marketing
B2B: public rendering, music in films and advertisments Conclusions S-t: Music+ads or ads+music

L-t: Internet connection with legal downloads or tipping
Solutions * * Involvement of all parties needed! Raising awareness
Do you mean that 9-line paragraph?
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