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Seminar Presentations

Sex Slaves and War Orphans

Muniza Zaidi

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Seminar Presentations

THE FUTURE OF AFGHANISTAN - CHILD ABUSE -SEXUAL ABUSE -EDUCATION THEME: The war in Afghanistan changed the course of psychological, political, and the social way of life for many people, particularly the children of Afghanistan. “During the last decade, two million children worldwide have been killed as a result of a war, four to five children have been disabled, 12 million have been left homeless, and more than one million children have been psychologically traumatized.” CHILD ABUSE In Afghanistan, violence against children is becoming very common. Children are mentally and physically tormented regularly in their own communities. “30% of children in Afghanistan are involved in Child Labour.” War orphans have nowhere to live, are abandoned by relatives, and therefore end up living on the streets. Some children work on the streets as shoe polishers or car washers to earn enough for one meal a day. Children as young as seven years old work in brick factories and are paid less then 50 cents per hour. EDUCATION After the Soviet war and the civil war, many schools in Afghanistan were destroyed and the development of education for children was diversely affected in many ways. Kidnapping is not the only safety issue that concerns the parents but also incidents like burning of tents and school buildings, explosions near schools, and threats to female teachers is a major conern. The girls in Afghanistan don’t have much opportunities to get education and make a better future for themselves. SEXUAL ABUSE Child marriages in some poor middle eastern countries have become a common norm due to poverty. Parents get their young daughters married at an earlier age because they are not able to raise them due to lack of money and resources. “43% of girls are married underage.” There was one case in Afghanistan where a 12 year old girl got married to a 80 year old man and she died from internal bleeding after sexual intercourse. “Bacha Bazi” is sexual slavery and child prostitution in which teenage boys are sold to wealthy men for entertainment and sexual activities. Similar to the Kite Runner Sohrab was forced to become a part of “Bacha Bazi” and was raped by Assef and his other friends. In one of the paragraphs Sohrab was described as.. “ Head was shaved, cheeks glowed with unnatural red, eyes darkened with mascara, bells strapped around his anklets stopped jingling. One of the guards pressed a button and pashtu music filled the room. Sohrab raised his arms and turned...” (page 293)
“Bia, bia, my boy,” the Talib said, calling Sohrab to him. Sohrab went to him, head down, stood between his thighs. The Talib wrapped his arms around the body..” ( page 294)
“How talented he is, nay, my Hazara boy! ”he said. His hands slid down the child’s back, then up, felt under his armpits.”(page 294)
“The Talib spun the boy around so he faced me. He locked his arms around Sohrab’s belly, rested his chin on the boy’s shoulder. Sohrab looked down at his feet, but kept stealing shy, furtive glances at me.” ( page 294) Eventhough homosexuality is haram in islam, but in some muslim countries like Afghanistan it is performed on daily basis. The civilians cant even ask help from the police officers as they are involved in this as well. Talibans who emphasize on following islamic rules, where is there islam when several men perform this type of an activity including themselves. THE END THANX FOR WATCHING, ANY QUESTIONS?
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