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The Traveling Journal

No description

Erin Wolfe

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of The Traveling Journal

Erin's Journey through North America
Washington D.C.
Landforms of D.C.:
Most of Washington D.C. landforms are flat but rising from the banks of the Potomac river.With that keep happening Washington will be surrounded by rolling land in the south and low hills in the north.

Location of D.C.:
Washington D.C. is bordered by Maryland and Virginia and is the Southern Hemisphere.The coordinates of Washington D.c. are 38.8951° N, 77.0367° W.

Landforms of Florida:
Florida has many different landforms. Florida has a collection of islands, marshes, springs,swamps, small lakes and ponds. It has 4 main regions; Gulf Coast/Atlantic Ocean coastal plains(beaches, Upland(hilly area), Everglades(Swamps), and Florida Keys(Islands).The landforms in Orlando are mostly beaches.

Location of Florida:
Florida is bordered by Alabama and Georgia. To the west of Florida lies the Gulf of Mexico.Orlando is the county seat of Orange County, and the center of the Greater Orlando metropolitan area.Florida is positioned in northern and western hemisphere.

Traveling to D.C.!

Dear Journal,
We are finally in Washington D.C. after 8 hours of driving north from South Carolina. The ride wasn’t too bad even though I had to sit in the middle between my two sisters the whole time. When we got to our hotel we put our luggage down and started walking in Crystal City. While I was walking in Crystal City we came across a restaurant that was known as the best hamburgers on Earth called “Good Stuff Eatery". Those were the best hamburgers I’ve ever had! After eating we went to Arlington Cemetery where my Grandpa is buried. It really opened my eyes to see so many men and women who have died for our freedom. It was great to see my Grandpa’s grave for the first time. At Arlington Kennedy’s memorial was there. No one talked around his and his wife’s grave. People had so much respect while around it. We also saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. After that we rode a subway to the Capital. I cannot believe how much walking we did. Walking was our number one transportation. Going to museums was a blast to see! We went to the Holocaust museum, Spy museum and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History where I got to see the HOPE diamond. Overall my favorite was the Holocaust museum. I have learned about the Holocaust a lot and to see actually things that were in the Holocaust and seeing more knowledge about it was really interesting. Museums weren’t the only thing we did there either. We walked to the National Mall; we saw the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, World War II Memorial, and I also got to ride paddle boats in the Potomac Tidal Basin. Being in Washington D.C. was a fun and historic adventure that anyone would love. Now we are off to Roanoke, Virginia!

Love, Erin.

Landforms of Virginia:
Virginia is mostly covered in heavily forest and mountain ranges. One of the mountains that stretches through the western half of the state is the Appalachian mountains.

Location of Virginia:
Virginia is located in the northern and western hemispheres and in the South Atlantic Region of the United States. The coordinates of Roanoke, Virginia are 37.2667° N, 79.9333° W.

Experiencing Virginia

Dear Journal,
From leaving Washington D.C. to then coming to Roanoke, Virginia was a 3 hour and 39 minute drive traveling west. It was a lot shorter than the drive from South Carolina to Washington D.C. On the first day in Virginia we drove to the college campus of Bridgewater Virginia where my sister was going to get a soccer scholarship to play there. That part was so boring to me because I could have cared less. The second day was a lot more interesting and fun. We drove to see the Natural Bridge and walk around to learn the history about how the Native Americans settled around the bridge. When walking further back from the bridge you can “travel back in time” with the Monacan Village. People that originated from that village were there explaining how their ancestors live, made shelter and hunt. After learning about the Monacan Village we continue our journey down to Lace Falls and walked. It finally came to the last part of the Natural Bridge where we watched the light show below the bridge. The next day was a fun day for me because we went to many places! Across the street was a Wax museum. That was one of the most bazaars things I have ever seen in my life. People made the bodies of old and new celebrities and dressed them up. It actually looked like the actual celebrities. I got creeped out so we left and went back to our hotel and ate sandwiches and headed off to a haunted house. The house wasn’t really haunted. It was a fun thing for all the family to do together and have fun. That all we did that day because we had to pack up and leave the next day. Virginia is so much fun if you go to Roanoke. I promise you it is a fun and easy vacation any family could do! Now we are off to Charleston, South Carolina.
Love, Erin.

Landforms of Charleston:
Since Charleston is South Carolina there are 4 distinct areas; The Sea Islands, Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont Plateu and Blue Ridge mountains. Charleston is in The Sea Islands. Islands are alive to many wildlife of any kind and have great fishing venue in the SE United States.
Location of Charleston:
Charleston is in South Carolina. The coordinates of Charleston are 32.7833° N, 79.9333° W. Positioned in northern and western hemisphere. Also located in the Southeastern region of the United States.

Experiencing Charleston

Dear Journal,
It was sad to leave Virginia, but now off to my favorite place, Charleston! The ride was about a 6 ½ hour drive, south from Virginia to Charleston. It was well worth it though! I’ve been to Charleston many times and I love the history, activities and of course the shopping down there. When we first got there I ran up to the condo, put my bathing suit and sunscreen on, then I ran out to the beach. I boogie boarded, made sand castles, tanned, swam etc. By the end of the day I was totally pooped! Grandmommy made an amazing dish that I could never have in Fort Mill, fresh seafood! The food that my grandma always makes me try when I am with her is different types of seafood. Last time I was with her she made me try fresh oysters and it was delicious. After I ate I went straight to bed and dreamed about tomorrow.
Dear Journal,
The next day we drove over the Cooper River Bridge and went into the town of Charleston. Walking, biking, or mopeds are usually the things you use to get around in the town of Charleston. Cars are hard to get around because of all the traffic and the streets are very narrow. We shopped till we dropped! I walked to many kinds of stores. I even bought a homemade palmetto tree leaf flower that a little boy made. After a long day of shopping we went to Hymans Seafood, where you can get any kind of fresh seafood that you would like. I got a pasta dish that had shrimp, scallops and vegetables. It was delicious! Night time was coming soon after we ate and then came my favorite part of all, the ghost tour. Charleston is known as one of the most haunted places. On the ghost tours they walk you around the town of Charleston and tell you about historic and ghostly events that had happened. It is a really fun and cool way to learn about historic events that have happened in Charleston. After all the fun in the town, we walked back to our car and drove back to our condo to pack because tomorrow we are off to Black Mountain, North Carolina. Charleston is so much fun and I can’t wait to go again!

Love, Erin.

Experiencing Orlando, Florida

Dear Journal,
I could not wait to get out of the car; it was a 8 hour and 26 minute ride of pure temptation to see Disney for the first time. On the journey we had to travel southwest through SC and GA then south from GA to get to Orlando. The ride was bad because my sister got car sick, we ran out of movies to watch in the car, plus I was hungry. It wasn’t until 10 p.m. when we checked into our hotel called the Polynesian. The weather is a lot hotter here than it was at Black Mountain. When I first walked into Disney, Minnie Mouse was the first character I saw. I was so excited to see her so I got her autograph and a picture with her. The first ride I rode in the Magic Kingdom was the Dumbo ride that takes you up really high so you can see a lot of the park and get a good view of the Castle. The rest of the day we would walk around, ride rides and see all the different types of characters and get their autograph. By the end of the day I was so tired that I took a nap before dinner. We then went to a dinner that our hotel was doing for tourist. It was a Hawaiian based idea so we had a lot of fresh fruit and Pork fried dumplings, Corriander chicken wings, and Mixed Greens with Honey-Lime dressing. I am not a picky eater at all so I ate it all up. When we came back I was upset that we could only spend one day here, but it was the best vacation I have ever had. Disney is a great place to go and spend family time. Good thing i didn't spend a lot of money at Disney! We are driving to Charlotte, NC to fly to Times Square, New York!

Love, Erin.

North Carolina
Landforms of NC:
North Carolina is divided into 4 distinct areas; The Outer Banks, Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont Plateau, and the ranges of the Appalachian mountains. Black Mountain is covered in trees, creeks and wild life all around. Black Mountains spreads out to 6.5 sq miles (16.83 km²).

Location of NC:
North Carolina is located in the northern and western hemispheres. It is also located in the eastern region of the United States. North Carolina is bordered by Tennesse, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia. The coordinates of Black Mountain , NC is 35.6192° N, 82.3256° W.

Potomac river in D.C.
Experiencing Black Mountain, NC.
Dear Journal,
I’m so tired of having to sit in the car and watch movies the whole time. I can’t even sleep because my sisters are sleeping on me. Any how, after driving 4 hours and 8 minutes northwest from Charleston, SC to Black Mountain, NC we immediately started walking around and seeing the beautiful mountain life around us. As we walked down the steep mountain, on our left there is a creek that goes all the way down the mountain and then flows into a lake called Lake Susan. At the end of the mountain there was a shop/deli/ice cream parlor called the Huck. Surrounding the Huck was a water fall, Lake Susan and across the street was a church. We were hungry from all the hiking we did, so we got five delicious warm hot dogs from the Huck that filled us right up. It was getting dark so we knew we needed to start heading back to our house. Once, we got back to our house and settled in we all fell right to sleep. When the next day came I had a good morning breakfast made by my mom. I had buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon. The breakfast filled me in for a long day of hiking and walking. Walking was our number one transportation because if we didn’t walk down and up the mountain we would miss the beautiful scenery around us. This morning we did not walk on the mountain, we went rock hopping down the creek. It is an event that a lot of tourists do while in Black Mountain. It was fun to see the family having fun and seeing my sisters fall in the water. When it came to the end of the creek we hopped out and went canoeing in Lake Susan. I am not very good at canoeing. My arms got tired the minute I started rowing. After a while of canoeing everyone was getting really tired and hungry so we went back to our house and fixed some turkey sandwiches with chips. The rest of the day we relaxed, played card games, and packed to go Orlando, Florida Walt Disney World. I cannot believe I'm finally going to meet Mickey Mouse!

Love, Erin.

New York
Landforms of New York:
Times square is in Manhattan. Manhattan is in island and has water features like the Hudson River. New York city is located on the mouth of the Hudson River. The river flows into the New York Bay that separates Bronxs and Manhattan from Northern New Jersey.
Location of New York:
New York is positioned in the northern and western hemisphere. It is bordered by Pennslyvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The coordinates of Time Square, New York is 40.7577° N, 73.9857° W.

Experiencing Times Square, New York
Dear Journal,
Yesterday it took us 7 hours and 9 minutes to drive to Fort Mill, SC from Florida. While in Fort Mill we packed new clean clothes, got everything packed again then headed north 30 minutes to Charlotte, NC to the airport. It took awhile to go through security, but after an hour of waiting we were on the plane on our way to Times Square. My experience was exhausting, but an adventure. I tried my very first Pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Deli. It was different, but really good. One event that we attended was the Broadway show of Wicked. It has always been my dream to see Wicked on Broadway. I wish I could sing as good as the actresses. An emotional day for me was seeing where the twin towers sat and the 9/11 memorial. It was crazy to think that so many people died in the spot where I was standing. Overall I really liked my experience in New York and the events that I attended. One of the things that I did not like was how crowded Time Square was with cars, bikers and people. You would bump shoulders with someone every time you walked. Most of the time we would walk from store to store, but at times we took a cab or the Subway to rest our feet. It is really sad leaving Times Square because I’ve shopped till I dropped and saw so many historic things. Now it is time to fly out to Chicago, Illinois.

Love, Erin.

Chicago, Illinois
Landforms of Chicago:
The city of Chicago sits on a flat plain that was once the bottom of an ancestral Lake Chicago. North of Chicago are steep bluffs and ravines that run along Lake Michigan. South of Chicago has no bluffs, but has sand dunes.
Location of Chicago:
Chicago is located in Northern Illinois and on the south western tip of Lake Michigan. The coordinates of Chicago are 41.8819° N, 87.6278° W.

Experiencing Chicago, Illinois
Dear Journal,
Surprisingly Chicago was somewhat similar to New York. The flight wasn’t too bad, it was nice to sit back take a nap and relax. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes traveling west from New York. We did a lot of things in Chicago. My favorite event that we did was going to the Wrigley baseball field and watching the Chicago Cubs play. I actually caught a baseball that went over the fence and got the Chicago Cubs coach to sign it! Most of the time in Chicago we walked, but at times we took buses to get around places that were too far to walk. The food wasn’t all that different than any other place, but I did try something new. I had Italian Beef at Johnny’s on Taylor Street. The taste of the beef was a lot different than from what I expected. Another thing I enjoyed was to see “The Bean” in Millennium Park. I thought it was a unique piece of art! Chicago was a blast and I personally cannot wait to go again and try different events and food. Now it’s time to go to the countryside of Texas!

Love, Erin.

Landforms of Texas:
The Colorado River flows in the middle of Austin, TX creating several lakes that stretch 100 miles out. East of the Colorado are prairies and northwest of the river the land rises.

Location of Texas:
South central Texas and northwest of Houston the coordinates of Austin are 30.2500° N, 97.7500° W.

Experiencing Austin, Texas
Dear Journal,
Texas was a lot different from New York or Illinois. Texas is more of a countryside based state rather than city. Being out in the peaceful countryside was nice and relaxing. Our flight was 3 hours and 2 minutes traveling south/southwest from Chicago to Austin. While in Texas we had to rent a car to be able to go around from place to place. Everything was too far away for us to walk. Out of all the things we did in Texas, the Texas trail ride was my all time favorite. A tour guide takes you around a trail while riding your own horse. I’ve never ridden a horse before so that made the experience a lot more fun. Another interesting thing we did was hiking up to Barton Creek Greenbelt. The hike was peaceful yet a great way to see wild life while walking on the trails. On the hike we brought tubes so we could float down the creek. It was a great way to have fun and cool off! While in Texas I tasted Dove (a type of bird). I will never in my life taste a dove again! It was absolutely disgusting and too spicy hot. I can’t believe I took a bite of a bird that wasn't chicken! Overall Texas was a really peaceful outdoors vacation. Now we are headed off to Denver, Colorado!

Love, Erin.

Denver, Colorado
Landforms of Denver:
Denver is in the high plains of the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. By all means it protects the city from severe weather. There are many lakes, creeks and reservoirs in the metropolitan area. The South Platte river divides the city into two parts.
Location of Denver:
Colorado is bordered by Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. Denver is located in the northern part of Colorado. The coordinates of Denver, Colorado are 39.7392° N, 104.9847° W.

Experiencing Denver, Colorado.
Dear journal,
After a 1 hour 51 minute flight of traveling north form Austin, Texas we finally landed into Denver, Colorado. I was starving by the time we got down into Denver so we stopped by a Mexican restaurant that some nearby people told us was the best Mexican food in Denver. The all time favorite and recommended by people was Green Chile. I can now see why so many people love it, it’s delicious! That day we drove to two places that the whole family enjoyed. We went to the Denver Zoo and the Dinosaur Ridge. The Denver Zoo was my favorite because I got to see penguins, all sorts of fish, birds etc. The dinosaur ridge shows fossils of dinosaur tracks left behind from millions of years ago! Seeing dinosaur fossil tracks was so interesting to see and learn about. In order for us to get around place to place we used mostly cars or buses as our transportation. Everything was too far away for us to walk. Over all Denver was a good educational vacation, but wasn’t one of my favorite places that we have been too. As for now im hoping as I pack for California it will be a lot better!
Love, Erin

Los Angeles, California
Landforms of Los Angeles, CA:
Numerous canons and valleys characterizes the region. Los Angeles lies on the hilly coastal plain ,but has the Pacific ocean as the southern and western boundaries. The foothills stretches north from the Santa Monica Mountains. It is also bounded by the San Gabriel Mountains to the east.

Location of Los Angeles, CA:
Los Angeles is located in the southern part of California. South of Los Angeles is San Diego. The coordinates of Los Angeles is 34.0500 N, 118.2500 W. Los Angeles lies beside the Pacific Ocean.

Experiencing Los Angeles, CA
Dear journal,
After riding 1 hour and 55 minute flight going southwest from Denver to Los Angeles we finally arrived. The first thing I wanted to see was the Hollywood sign! When I saw the sign it was smaller than I expected it to be, but then again I was glad to be able to see it. On the next day my family had the idea to go down and spend a day at Santa Monica beach. While at the beach we swam in the ocean and went on the Santa Monica Boardwalk. We did many activities on the boardwalk like shopping, riding roller coasters, playing games, eating etc. By the end of the day we took a shuttle back to our hotel to have dinner. Once we were at dinner our waitress told us we had to try the French Dip covered in gravy which he claimed to be the best dish in Los Angeles. Ever since I have tried French dip it is now my favorite meal. Over the time I was in the L.A. I finally began to realize why there were so many tourists. California is such a beautiful and fun vacation that your family can go to and would love! Sadly, now it is time to leave and go across the border. We’re now packing for British Colombia, in Canada. I’m hoping Canada won’t be too far away of a flight I’m tired of flying and driving everywhere!
Love, Erin

Vancouver, Canada
Landforms if Vancouver, Canada:
Vancouver is in the province of British Columbia and is a coastal, seaport city. To the north of Vancouver is English Bay. To the south is the Fraser Rivier. Vancouver is located on the western half of the Burrard Peninsula with the Coast Mountains nearby. Vancouver Island shields Vancouver from the Pacific Ocean

Location of Vancouver, Canada:
Vancouver is in southern Canada. The coordinates of Vancouver is 49° 14' N , 123° 6' W

Northwest Territory
Landforms of Yellow Knife:
Yellow knife is on top of the Canadian Shield which is a large ancient volcanic rock known as the Slave Geological Province. Yellow knife is in the middle of a vast subarctic wilderness.

Location of Yellow Knife:
It sits on the north shore of the Great Slave Lake. The coordinates of Yellow Knife is 62.4422° N, 114.3975° W.

Experiencing Yellowknife Northwest territories
Dear journal,
Today we flew 4 hours and 50 minutes from Vancouver to Yellowknife which is the capital of the Northern Territories. I thought Vancouver was amazing, but this place is really cool! It is really cold here, but the sun rises around 3:30 A.M. and doesn’t set until almost midnight so we have special curtains in our room to keep the light out so we can sleep. This evening we drove to a restaurant where I tried by first Buffalo and Elk. It was kind of good, but had a funny kind of wild taste to it. The most amazing thing to see here are the beautiful northern lights. It is really a sight to see and we also went to a diamond mine where they were mining for diamonds. I was really hoping there would be a diamond on the ground for me, but no luck. Northwest Territories is an amazing place to go, but I can’t imagine living here! It is way too cold too much of the time. Especially the time difference messes up on how much sleep I get! Most of the time in Yellowknife we took a bus from place to place. Everything we went to was not of walking distance. Overall Yellowknife was a blast and I cannot wait to come back and see the northern lights again. Now we are packing up and heading to Edmonton, Alberta!

Experiencing Vancouver in British Colombia
Dear journal,
Our flight only took 2 hours 49 minutes and I was surprised it was that quick to fly to Vancouver, British Colombia! We all had to have our passports and show them in the airport in Vancouver right after we got off the plane. This is to show them that we live in the USA and are visiting Canada and that we have a legal document showing we can visit Canada. We took a taxi to the hotel and got checked in by then I was starving. My dad took us to a nice restaurant for dinner where we had a lot of fresh seafood! I remembered how good oysters in Charleston were so I got Oysters and something they call prawns, but really it was just shrimp. It was so fresh I believe they must have just got them from the ocean today! It’s been a long day so we walked around the nearby streets and shops and turned in for the night for an adventure tomorrow!
Love, Erin.
Dear journal,
Today is very exciting day as we all went on a big boat out to sea and saw some whales! They were beautiful humpback whales and a baby one too! They called the baby a calf. The whales were so peaceful and I could not believe how close we got to them. Whale watching was my favorite thing to do. As I am writing I am packing for my adventure to Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territory.
Love, Erin.

Landforms of Edmonton:
In Edmonton there are not many specific landforms inside of Edmonton. There are many landforms outside of Edmonton including; Columbia Icefield, Lake Louise. About a couple hours out of Edmonton you can find many mountains and lakes.

Location of Edmonton:
Edmonton is located on the North Saskatchewan River. It is one of the centre of the Edmonton Capital Region. That surrounds Albertas central region. The coordinates of Edmonton are 53.5333° N, 113.5000° W.

Edmonton, Alberta
Dear Journal,
I was really upset to leave Yellowknife and coming to Edmonton. After going to Edmonton I soon began that I absolutely love it here! Our flight was a short 1 hour and 29 minutes traveling south/southwest from Yellowknife to Alberta. I was ready to do many things in Edmonton! The first thing we attended was the Edmonton mall. Edmonton mall is every girls dream. There are about 800 stores inside the mall. I could hardly hard all my bags! After a while of shopping we all decided to go back to the hotel and relax. The next day came and we attended the Elk Island National Park. At the park we saw all types of animals like buffalo, elk, all types of birds, etc. It was a fun and a good sightseeing experience. In the city of Edmonton we would either walk or ride bikes, but in order to get to the Edmonton Mall and Elk Island we had to take a metro. Everyone in m family wanted to taste the famous Alberta’s beef. When walking around in the city of Edmonton we came across a small restaurant that has Alberta’s beef on the menu. It was absolutely delicious the beef was so tender and juicy! Alberta’s beef is by far the best beef you could ever taste. I really loved my experience at Edmonton especially the shopping! I’m hoping we can come again next year! Now I’m packed and ready to go to Regina, Saskatchewan.

Experiencing Edmonton, Alberta
Regina, Saskatchewan
Landforms of Regina:
Regina is on a flat treeless, waterless plain most plants are hand planted. Wascana centre was created around the Wascana Lake.
Location of Regina:
Regina is located in the south central area of Saskatchewan. Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. Alberta, Manitoba, Montana, North Dakota and Northwest Territories borders Saskatchewan. The coordinates of Regina are 50.4547 N, 104.6067 W.

Experiencing Regina, Saskatchewan
Dear journal,
After a short 1 hour and 45 minute flight east from Edmonton, Alberta we finally arrived in Regina, Saskatchewan. While in Regina we didn’t walk many places we would usually ride a transit around every place we needed to go. One of the few events that we went to was the Wascana Centre Park. At the Wascana Park it took us an hour to walk around the lake and see the wilderness around us. Another event that we had attended was Paradise Entertainment Park which was my favorite. At Paradise Entertainment Park there was pools, games, movies, etc. It was a fun way to spend time with the family. It was hard to find some type of food that you couldn’t have in South Carolina, but I did try a foccacia sandwich which was not one of my all time favorite things to eat. Overall, I expected Regina to be a lot more fun than it was. As for now I’m packing and hoping Winnipeg, Manitoba will be a lot better!
Love, Erin.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Landforms of Winnipeg:
Winnipeg is on a flat plain and is remnant of glacial Lake Agassiz, which was formed around 11,500 years ago. In the center of Winnipeg are the joining of the rivers of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

Location of Winnipeg:
Winnipeg is found on the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies it is also located on the longitudinal center of North America. Winnipeg is the largest city in Manitoba. The coordinates of Winnipeg are 49.8994° N, 97.1392° W.

Experiencing Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dear journal,
The flight lasted longer that what I expected. It was a 5 hour and 25 minute flight east from Regina, Saskatchewan to Winnipeg, Manitoba. We tried two of the things that most people in Winnipeg loved which was Winnipeg cream cheese and Kub rye bread. If you put both of them together it was absolutely delicious. We only had time to do one attraction in the city which was the water tours of Red and Assiniboine River and how they meet at The Forks. The lakes were pretty to see! In order to get from place to place we took bus terminals and transits because the places we needed to go were too far away to walk. Winnipeg was fun, but it is nice to now be home in Fort Mill, SC. It was a 5 hour and 30 minute flight traveling south/southwest from Winnipeg to Fort Mill. I loved journeying around North America and seeing different sights and tasting different foods. It sure is a journey to remember!
Love, Erin.

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