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AIESEC Info Sessions 2/14

No description

Frances Oppermann

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of AIESEC Info Sessions 2/14

The AIESEC Programs
AIESEC Chapel Hill
Social Sales
Developing and implementing sales strategies
Negotiating contracts with local companies to bring in international interns
Corporate Sales
Applicant sourcing and interviews
Managing the reception and integration of international interns
Account Delivery
Talent Management
Financial Resources
Student Sales
Global Citizen
Global Talent
External Relations
Advertising and marketing AIESEC events
Manages the online and social media presence of AIESEC Chapel Hill
Designing AIESEC materials
Forming and maintaining partnerships with on-campus organizations and academic departments
Connecting with local businesses to form non-intern related partnerships
Global Citizen and Global Talent connect students with internships abroad through:
Talent Management
Developing and managing budget
Receiving and dispersing funds
Grant writing
Managing the recruitment process
Developing and maintaining the internal culture of AIESEC Chapel Hill
Providing communication channels between different elements within the organization
Application Process
Application: bit.ly/uncgloballeader
due Saturday, 2/15 at midnight
Interviews: 2/17 - 2/20
Visit our website: global.aiesecus.org
Email Frances at vptm-chapelhill@aiesecus.org
Team Members in the Business Administration Program focus on the organization of people and other resources to ensure the achievement of goals. This could vary from running a recruitment, creating a budget and tracking returns on investments, and ensuring the committee has the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to grow and succeed.
Team Members in Social Sales are working with students and companies to create more exchange opportunities through AIESEC. This includes getting hands on experience with Business Development by selling directly to companies interested in utilizing AIESEC’s services to hire an international intern, or working hands-on with the marketing and PR aspect’s of AIESEC’s brand, or sending students abroad on Global Talent and Global Citizen Programs.
Corporate Sales
Account Delivery
Student Sales
Business Administration
Leaders of the Product Development teams are responsible for the international exchanges AIESEC creates. They work directly with students, companies, and the community around them to ensure more people are impacted by our global exchange programs, and that we make the most positive impact on our stakeholders around us. Participants get hands on experience in developing a product and bringing it to the market.
Product Development
Organizational Development
Leaders of the Organizational Development teams focus on the long term health and performance of the organization. The objective is to improve the organization’s capacity to handle the internal and external operations and relationships. Participants get hands on experience in managing their own not-for-profit.
What do you gain as a Global Leader?
Influencing an organization to make a positive impact on the world requires understanding worldwide context, and being able to work with people of different cultures, views, and experiences effectively to make that happen.
Our leadership development platform aims to develop each individuals personal capabilities so that they can lead and manage diverse groups of teams, people, and organizations.
Individual Leadership
Team & Group Leadership
Global Leadership
Understanding of self is the key to understanding others. This includes understanding personal values, strengths, weaknesses, and leadership styles.
Learning how to lead, manage, and influence people and teams. Participants develop their capacity to lead and follow mindfully, effectively and responsibly.
The Finance Team is responsible for managing all of AIESEC Chapel Hill's financial activities, including:
The Talent Management team is responsible for supporting and tracking all of AIESEC Chapel Hill's members, including:
The External Relations team is the networking core of the local committee. They are responsible for:
The Communications team is responsible for managing the external face of AIESEC Chapel Hill by:
Business Development leads our interactions with businesses by:
Membership Information Session
AIESEC Chapel Hill
Our Account Delivery team manages our contracts with local companies by:
Building and maintaining relationships with AIESEC chapters across the globe
Reviewing and selecting students to go abroad
Preparing students for their internship experience
The Global Talent program provides professional opportunities to older students looking for long-term, paid positions and the Global Citizen program provides volunteer opportunities to any students looking for short-term, unpaid positions.
We are the largest student-run organization in the world and we focus on leadership development.
Our mission statement is
What is AIESEC?
"Peace and fulfillment of
and we choose to achieve this
We aim to prepare the next generation of leaders to address future challenges in an increasingly interconnected world.
humankind's potential"
through running a social business, which is our international exchange program.
Our local members run the business, and any students can also go on exchange through our programs.
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