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Sports Medicine Class 2011

Lauren Kelly

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Concussions

Concussions Symptoms
Blurred Vision
Sensitivity to light or noise
Loss of Conciousness (LOC)
Nausea Fun Facts
Concussions can be fatal
In the fall of 2007 out of 1.2 million high school football players an estimate fo about 67,000 of them will incur a concussion
Rest is the primary treatment unless if there is a blood clot in the brain
A males leading cause of a concussion in high school is football
A females leading cause of a concussion is soccer
86% of athletes suffer from post-traumatic migraine or some kind of headache pain. Anatomy of the Brain
occipital lobe- receies and interprets visual and sensory messages
temportal lobe- involed in hearing and smell
frontal lobe- site of logic and reasoning
parietal lobe- handles all sensory info except vision hearing and smell
ventricles- contain cerebrospinal flud
thalamus- relay station for sensory information
cerebellum- controls balance nd equillibrum
gray matter- made up of nerve cell bodies
white matter- made up of nerve axons
olfactory bulb- involved in sense of smell The Definition of a Concussion
Current reaseach on a concussion states it is in injury to the brain caused by a blow or trauma to the head. The definition used to say that the person had to loss consiousness for it to be considered a concussion. Coup and Contra-coup
Coup- a coup injury is in the result of a sudden stop causing the brain to accelerate foward and hit the side of the skull.
Contra-coup- injury is when teh brain accelerates forward, hits the side of the skull, and then bounces off that side and hits the other side of the skull leaving damage to both sides of the skull and brain. The Six Steps during the rehabilitation period
Step 1: No activity and complete rest until all symptoms are completely gone.
Step 2: Light aerobic exercises such as walking or stationary cycling. If no symptoms return have them pick up there pace until there sprinting as long as no symptoms return.
Step 3: Sport Specific training
Step 4: Noncontact training drills
Step 5: After medical clearance full contact training
Step 6: GAME PLAY Three diagnostic imaging tests
Head CT-uses x-ray computers which produce images or pictures of teh inside of the body in a specific plane
EEG-measures brain waves
Brain MRI-specialized diagnostic technique that utilizes magnetic, X-ray, and nuclear methods to privide a detailed image of specific body areas Post Concussion Syndrome
When symptoms last weeks or months after the injury in which caused the concussion.
Symptoms during post concussion are usually not life threating
No real treatment except rest and pain relivers for a headace Grading Scale
Grade I- mild concussion
Grade II- moderate concussion
Grade III- Sever Concussion Protective Equipment
Protective equipment is an important part of athletics
Athletes should wear equipment made for there sport and should not make any alternations
It should be worn properly and worn the whole time during playing.
No piece of protective equipment can guarantee you will not get a concussion but can lessen the chance and severity. How Many Concussions is to many?
Every concussion adds damage to an individuals brain
Doctors recommend that after an athletes 3rd concussion they should retire.
There is no scientific data however.
It depends on the athlete and the severity of there concussions Second Impact syndrome
Second impact syndrome is when a second concussion occurs before the first one was able to fully heal properly. Treatment
Most importantly rest
pain relievers like Tylenol should be used for headaches
If the patient is having memory loss or severe symptoms they should be excused from work or school
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