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Garden of the Gods and Rattlesnake Canyon

No description

Erik Strickler

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Garden of the Gods and Rattlesnake Canyon

Garden of the Gods and Rattlesnake Canyon
by Erik Strickler
What is the geography like at Rattlesnake Canyon?
The geography at Rattlesnake Canyon is a thin canyon with red rock and sand.
How did Rattlesnake Canyon become a landmark?
The government found this canyon on the border of Colorado near Utah in 1889.
What is the geography like at Garden of the Gods?
At garden of the gods there are giant flaky rocks, green trees, hiking trails, amazing views, and lots more
How Did Garden of the Gods become a landmark?
In 1879 General William Palmer and Charles Elliott Perkins bought the wonderful rocks in Colorado Springs and made it a landmark for the world to see
How is the government involved in Garden of the Gods history?
The government helped by making trails at Garden of the Gods and making it into a landmark
Comparing Garden of the Gods and Rattlesnake Canyon
They attract tourists and are both nature for the world to see
people from all over come to see these rare forms of rock
they were both formed by sand and water
Garden of
the gods
one is a canyon and one is a bunch of flaky rocks
Rattlesnake canyon is not as popular as Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods is not at the same location as Rattlesnake Canyon
What impact does Garden of the Gods have on Colorado economy?
Garden of the Gods attracts tourists that pay to see and hike these great rocks
how is Garden of
the Gods important
to Colorado history?
the Utes used garden of the gods as a winter camping site 10,000 years ago
What impact does Rattlesnake Canyon have on Colorado economy?
Rattlesnake Canyon attracts tourists who pay to wonder in this canyon.
Why is Rattlesnake canyon important to Colorado history?
Kiowa used the canyon to hide from other tribes.
How was the
government involved in Rattlesnake canyon?
The government founded Rattlesnake canyon.
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