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yasmine aguilar

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Forensics

Forensic labs in Ms. Goh Denison's class
Dusting for Prints:
What a Forensic Anthropologists does with Forensics:
Is the study of fingerprints. Its identification of unique friction ridge structures and their use of personal identification. Uniqueness is determined by the different types of minutiae points on a persons hand.
Minutiae points:
They are the points where the ridge structure changes on a persons fingerprint. There are many types of minutiae points as seen below.
Days Dumbest Criminal:
It is a video and work sheet that we are shown and given. We then try to figure out what mistakes the suspects have made.Plus how the people have been caught and ways created to capture suspects. Making sure others don't do the same.
Solve Today's Death:
What a Forensic Anthropologists is...
Is the application of science in physical and biological anthropology. They specialize in forensics and primarily focus their studies on the human remains such as skeletons.
What is Forensics..
The scientific test or techniques used in connection with the detection of crime.
They use the connections made with forensics to determine different types of incidents in death and see how and what caused a certain persons death...
We have had many different types of labs that have been done. Such as our fingerprint lab and finding out how a certain person has died and items related to their death.
The class is given a sheet that gives detail about the person who died. We are then able to try and figure out how their death occured. Including when they died and who killed them.Using what was told in the paper as a guide line to the truth and lies.
Step 1:

During this lab we took our own fingerprints and copied them onto a piece of paper.
With use of magnetic dust to reveal your fingerprint.Dust your index finger, place a piece of tape on your finger and remove slowly.
Place the tape on a white piece of paper and your done.You can then identify the types of ridges on your print.
Step 2:
Step 3:
Warning Some Graphic Images
Name: Yasmine Aguilar Age: 17
Grade: 11th
Wants major in: Forensics/ Anthropology
My Mentor: Ms. Goh Denison, the Forensic science teacher at Lee Highschool

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