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Canadian and American Relations

No description

edward ewacha

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Canadian and American Relations

Mulroney Era 1984 - 1993
Conservative PM
Sought closer ties with US
President Ronald Reagan
1987) Free Trade Agreement: Removed Tariffs on many goods crossing the border.
(1985) Eliminated FIRA and "opened" Canada
for business.
1973 Foreign Investment Review Agency (FIRA):
- Protected important Canadian industries from foreign takeover.
1968: Foreign policy: Wanted to be less dependent on US
1970 & 1976 Recognised the Communist Chinese government & visited Communist Cuba against US wishes.
1972 Nuclear warheads removed from BOMARC Missiles. All nuclear material in Canada gone by 1984.
Pierre Trudeau 1968 - 84
1992) NAFTA: Expanded Free Trade to include Mexico. Many feared Canada would lose thousands of jobs to Mexico - never really happened to a devastating effect.
Post World War II

1950s: Television exposed Canadians to American culture in an unprecedented way.
Massey Commission
1) Strengthening the National Film Board
2) TV should be used for national communication CBC was already a radio, now it would be TV.
1968: Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
To make regulate foreign content and require Canadian content.
By 1956, 68% of Oil Industry in Canada is US owned; 88% by 1967.
Positives: Branch plants = good jobs & new technologies introduced to Canada
Negatives: Profits from branch plants went to HQ in the US.
(1985) "No" to STAR WARS defense shield against the Soviets
Also, Canada loses control of its economy.
Economic Relations
Political Relations
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