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college research project

No description

urja Kaushik

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of college research project

Admissions Address To Request an Application
4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa,FL 33660
Application Cost
$30.00 for each
-Urja Kaushik
college research project
Cost/ Tuition: Resident Fee For In-State Students
Dorm Fees/ Meal Plan Cost
Estimation Of Books Expense
GPA Requirements
SAT(cost) And ACT(cost) Scores/Requirements
What Kind Of Degrees Can You Earn?
Do You Need Recommendation Letters?
Is An Entrance Exam/Essay Required?
What Kind Of Classes Are You Supposed To Complete
In High School?
Any Greek Life?
Mascots? Colors?
Sports Programs?
Arts/Theater/Academic/Social Clubs Available that I Would Join Are...
School Size
Student Body Size: Population-Percentage Of Race And Gender
Number Of Freshmen Entering School (Undergraduate)
Percentage Of Students Receiving Financial Aid
Percentage Of Students Enrolled In The most Popular programs Offered At The School
Cultural Events Near By
museums near by
Restaurants near by
weather of the city
theaters near by
In Tampa Florida
Depends on if you choose that department
In-State $6410
Suite-$550.00 or higher
Meal plan-$5750 or higher
Average is $1,000 per year for 4 years
SAT: register $52.50 1110-1280
ACT: register $45.00 25-29
Masters of Public Health Degree (MPH) & Biomedical
None are needed
No, entrance exam but, you do have to write an admission essay.
5 Core Subjects- 1 course beyond Algebra 2
at least 20 academic units-5 per year from 9th -12th
social science-3
foreign language-2
total units-18
I'm not joining any but they have multiple.
Rocky the Bull
Gold and Green
(but I couldn't find the importance of either of them)
Students of India Association & Women in Medicine
10 miles- 52800
44.6% males
55.4% females

30,100 Undergraduate Enrollment
45.2% get financial aid
College of Medicine, Graduate School of Engineering, College of Education
Gasperilla & Gasperilla music festival
season festivals such as strawberry festival
Tampa Bay History Center, Amalie Arena, Florida Museum of photographic arts,inc.
Wright's Gourmet House, La Terrazza Restaurant, Datz,Edison, Zen Bistro, Daily Eats,Armani's, Maggiano's, DI Coffee Bar, Taj, Taco Bus
humid-subtropical climate
AMC,Cine Bistro, etc.
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