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No description

taizo nakamura

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of orca

Background photo by t.shigesa Features of orcas orcas' life ORCA Biological Classification Four types of orcas Orcas' group The life span of orcas Orcas are mammalian Orcas live in the water, but they breathe with their lungs. Orcas are similar to whales Orcas are also similar to dolphin. The life span of orcas Male
The average life span
wild orcas is age 29. The oldest male orca
is 50 or 60 years old. Female The average life span of
wild orcas is age 50. The oldest female orca is
around 80 years old! The size of orcas Male orcas are 20-26 feet in length. The largest one is about 32 feet in length! Female orcas are 16-23 feet in length. The largest one is about 28 feet in length. The average weight of male orcas is
around 10 tons The size and weight of orcas. Male orcas are 20-26 feet in length. The largest male orca is about 32 feet in length! Female orcas are 16-23 feet in length. The largest female orca is about 28 feet in length! Male
The average weight is
around 6-8tons. Female The average weight of female orcas
is 3-4 tons. The largest male orca weights
over 10 tons! The largest female wights over 7.5 tons! Types of orcas Their poor poor prey The most common and typical orcas EYE PATCH SADDLE PATCH Type B is smaller than type A is. The white parts of their bodies are yellowish. Bigger eye patch They are the smallest type of orcas. But they have the biggest group in any other types of orcas. YELLOWISH EYE PATCH YELLOWISH SADDLE PATCH Type D has small tail fin and eye patch. SMALL EYE PATCH SMALL SADDL PATCH & POOR MINKE WHALE Where am I? MINKE WHALE SEA LION PENGUINS FIN WHALE IN THE STOMACH ANTARCTIC COD UNKOWN Orcas' Hunt Each orca has its own group which consists of members of family. Mother orcas take care of their children.
Parents train and feed their children.
Sometimes orcas babysit for other orcas' children. Orcas' weapons Orcas have 3 powerful weapons. 1. Sharp teeth 2. Speed 3. Supersonic waves Each orca has 44 to 48 sharp teeth. Orcas can swim at 30 mph. It's like a car! Their supersonic waves can paralyze their prey's body. Orcas' Strategic Attacks When they hunt, they make a team and some strategies. They make a surprise attack, and they also make an attack to their prey on both sides.

Sometimes, they mob their prey and get it weakened. Who is the strongest?
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