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Self Introduction Powerpoint thingy

Self Introduction Powerpoint thingy

Jacob Kaye

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Self Introduction Powerpoint thingy

By Jacob Kaye Jacob Kaye Me Now Creative and Imaginative
Loved to pretend
Broke leg at age 5
Not fun
Looked like I do today, except smaller
Nicknamed Eeyore due to negativity
Participated in Karate for 6 years with my bestie Alex
Began tennis lessons
Didnt have many cares in the world My Younger Years Intersting Family
Dad spends about 60% of daylight fishing
Mom sits at home and drives me and my sister around
Sister is in 7th grade at BA
She is nothing like me My Family Enjoyed quick run-through
Gives you vivid and detailed description
Learn more about me Summation Favorite Musical Artist Favorite Quotes "Where'd you get your clothes... from the... toilet store?" - Brick Tamland "The Dude abides"- Jeffery "The Dude" Lebowski Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
The White Stripes
Judas Priest
The Clash
Electric Light Orchestra
Guns N Roses
The Ramones
The Who Changed a bit
Have a deep passion for music
Favorite drink is Monster Energy or Rockstar Energy
Favorite music is classic rock
Play tennis and basketball
Not very serious about stuff
Not a good quality
Enjoy comedy movies
Enjoy time with friends I enjoy basketball
My favorite player is either Brian Scalabrine or Andre Iguodala
I also like tennis
My favorite tennis players are Jo Wilfred Tsonga and Paul Capdeville
I did karate for 6 years
I got my black belt at age 10. I quit a few months later
I have run cross country but I morally despise it
I like the professional dunkers Taurian Fontenette and James White Sports Brian Scalabrine is quite possibly the greatest inbounder ever
He was the league leader in inbounds from 2001-2008
He was also the league leader in unsuccesful inbounds from 2001-2008
He was voted 10 straight years as NBA player most likely to get a sunburn indoors
He is now retired but will forever be remebered as the greatest bench warming fake superstar ever Brian Scalabrine
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