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Looking for Alaska

a book by John Green

Lucia F.

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska
by John Green
1. General information
2. About the author
3. Summary
4. Figure Constellation
5. Characters
6. Background
7. Climax
8. Structure, style and imagery
9. Problem and references
10. Recommendation/warning
2. About the author
John Michael Green - online
John Michael Green
born on the 24th August of 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana
American author of youth adult fiction, YouTube video blogger and a historian
Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando and Indian Springs School
was bullied in teenage life
graduated from Kenyon College (English, Religious Studies)
worked in a children hospital
inspired him to become an author
worked as a publishing assistant and production editor
critiqued books and created original radio essays
8. Structure, style and imagery
first-person narration and authentic teen-language create realism and the impression of teen-life
narrative style gives humorous outlooks, creates an intensity of feelings
chapters are named after the days that are left to the unknown, critical event of Alaska's death in the book ("before"- and "after"-sections, creates suspend and provokes curiosity)
Alaska's death serves as a dividing line in the lives of Miles and his friends and makes the change in their lives clear
literary and historical references give readers the sense of not understanding everything, just as Miles does not understand Culver Creek and Alaska
elements of comedy, romance and tragedy lead to realism and poignancy
1. General information
3. Summary
4. Figure constellation
5. Characters
7. Climax
6. Background
9. Problems and references
the book "Looking for Alaska" by John Green
in general a very figurative language
boarding school = removal from parental influence
to escape a labyrinth = to come of age (labyrinth of grief, guilt, adolescence or high school)
the swan = Alaska (something appearing to be beautiful, calm and in control, can also be destructive and angry at any given moment)
the Eagle = headmaster of the school being able to see everything
the great perhaps = is when your life is just the way it feels like it was meant to be (not defined in the book)
Structure and Style
perceptive, realistic
insecure, shy, a follower
quirky, energetic, impulsive
creative, inspirational, fascinating
carefree (seemingly)
sexy, flirty, beautiful
confident, stands up for her beliefs (female rights)
mischievous, mysterious, moody

obsessed with reading (Life Library)
blames herself for dead of mother
escapes suffering trough drinking
regular smoker
extremely intelligent
confident, optimistic
fiercely loyal
organised planner, leader
sarcastic, humorous
What teaches us the book?
We can choose to die or suffer in "the labyrinth".
Suffering can be transcended through finding meaning in life.
All our lives are intertwined and our actions affect each other in the labyrinth.
We must actively participate in life.
Dr. Hyde
The Eagle
Miles forgives himself and Alaska
Memorial Prank worthy of Alaska
Pudge finds the meaning of the Great Perhaps, that the labyrinth of life has no end

Alaska's death
Solving the mystery
Memorial Prank
social order of the Creek, difficult classes
friendship with Colonel, Alaska, Takumi: mischief
loving Alaska, liking Lara
Miles and the Colonel are consumed with Alaska's death, depression
coping with grief, guilt, ignoring classes, fighting
Pre-Prank, Alaska's death
solving mystery, letting her go
accepting death
Experiences from his life:
Indian Springs School = Culver Creek boarding school
Alaska's death
the two pranks that occur in the book

John Green = Miles
he is obsessed with last words

The countdown chapter titles
measure time within the framework of important events (Alaska's death)

The name “Alaska”
grand, mysterious, far away, a mythologized part of US = Alaska is mythologized by her classmates
translation: “that which the sea breaks against,” = sea is breaking against Alaska (turmoil, excitement, pain)

“Looking for Alaska”
looking for information to understand the people they were
the search for the great perhaps
last words
growing up
the labyrinth of life
the impact one life can have on another
loss and guilt
first love
rebelling against authority
finding disappointment in people and circumstances in our lives
peer pressure (fitting in and making friends)

smells like sunshine, vanilla, cigarettes
Character traits
The protagonist
Alaska remains a perpetual mystery in the book
Inspired by famous last words
Seeking his own “Great Perhaps”
tall, skinny --> ironical named Pudge
provides stability for Miles
talks a lot
incredible memory
regular smoker
drinks to escape problems
loves, protects his mother
John Green
novel about the meaning of Love
young adult
published in 2005
221 pages, 59 chapters
Printz Award (2006)
Kirkus's best books of the year
ALA best book for young adults
Pudge’s first real friend at Culver Creek
military-style planner of pranks
expressive imagery
suspenseful story
interesting structure
detailed descriptions
profound content
strong characters
sad story
not always easy to understand
meets the Colonel
he called him Pudge, because of his skinnyness
likes Alaska from the first moment seeing her
social order: smoking, drinking, pranks
avoid the Eagle
Alaska promises to get Miles a girlfriend
-> Triple date: Alaska-Jake, Colonel-Sara, Miles-Lara
goes well until Miles gets hit by a basketball and vomits on Lara
Christmas: Colonel and Takumi are driving home
Alaska and Miles spend time together
stays at Thanksgiving too, to get closer with Alaska => homesick, confused
Hair Dye Prank
upcoming night: drinking, celebrate prank
Alaska gets a phonecall from Jake
-> freaks out and leaves the campus in her car
announcement in the Gym
-> the Eagle announced Alaska's Death
Miles and the Colonel want to solve the mystery behind her death
END: Takumi solves the puzzle:
Alaska had forgotten her mothers death anniversary
-> thinks she let her down like the day her mother died
Colonel, Miles pull of a prank Alaska originally wanted to do
-> hired a male prostitute to strip on stage during a public speaking
Miles wrote his final paper about Alaska
-> How do you get out of your own Labyrinth of suffering?
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