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Japanese Imperialism

No description

PuTi Dai

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Japanese Imperialism

Japanese Imperialism
What is Imperialism?
Imperialism is when a country extends its power and influence through colonizing or taking over other places or countries
What lead to Japan's Imperialism?
Japan rises
Once japan had sorted out its goals it went on the offensive. Within the space of a couple years Japan had taken Korea and china. The newly annexed countries provided japan with what it needed, Korea provided raw materials with the rich mineral of iron andd silver posits found within its mountains. China had manpower in its large population, something japan lacked.
Interactions with the west
Japan set its sights on its final goal, becoming the equal of western countries. There was one country that did not support the trade negatiations set up between japan and the west. The US

America was a new country itself and was afraid of being economically eclipsed by japan and so imposed a ban on japanese products.
How did Japanese imperialism affect the countries they controlled?
Although some aspects of japanese imperialism were brutal and invasive there are many ways that they helped the countries they inhabited. North Korea, for example, invited Japan in their country. japan improved their economic status as well as their life expectancy and literacy rate.
why does Korea in particular see the imperialism over them as a negative thing, even tough there is conclusive evidence otherwise?
Although Japan ultimately helped a lot of the countries they invaded in the long run, their invasion was too brutal and violent to be completely ignored. An exception is Korea, who were legally and conciously annexed with Japan. japan greatly helped them and yet they remember them only in hate, as does the education system teach the same.




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