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AS1 Unit 2 TP + Lesson 1

No description

Sandra Arellano

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of AS1 Unit 2 TP + Lesson 1

What do the following cartoons have in common? Lying Do you think lying is a part of human nature? Is lying inacceptable/acceptable?
If so, in which cases...? Try to be honest and
discuss with a partner Have you ever lied?
How often do you lie?
What's the worst lie you've ever said?
Do you know how to recognise when someone is lying?
Who lies more men/ women? Proverbs Do you usually deal with xeroxing at work?
Why could Chris be in a real bind?
Why is Frank a pushover?
What's to "go overboard"?
Have you ever been in "hot water" at work?
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