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Capstone #2

Capstone presentation


on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Capstone #2

The Road Less Traveled:
Reflections on Change and the Dual Campus What is a Dual Campus High School? Why a Dual Campus? Reflections on Change Three Key Principles of Change Impact on Students Impact on Teachers Implementation:
Collaboration and Communication •One school, two buildings 10 km apart Movement between campuses
Specialized programs Core classes in each building Overcrowding Innovative partnership Problems with two schools
The road less traveled Dual campus schools are rare Relevance to other educators Change is permanent Research on school size Optimal school size Large schools - pros and cons
Small schools - pros and cons Update & Acknowledgements Consider staff Consider teachers Stress and disruption
Negative = Positive? Collaboration and shared decision making Efficacy Crux of change Communication Key stakeholders Students Parents Central office and trustees 2. Consider the impact on teachers 3. Implementation: collaboration and communication 44% of our kids want to take classes on both campuses!
160 kids want to take pre - engineering We have started to build the timetable Thank you -Karin Goble and new media Thank you - cohort and faculty One more thing... Challenge committees
Transition team
Timetable / Resources / Design Transition meetings
Agendas in advance
Clear objectives
Think-Pair-Share Effective Collaboration Soul crushing meetings 1. Consider the impact on students
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