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Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Hunger Games.

Isabella Cabal

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of Books

The New York Times bestseller books are about a 12-16 year old dyslexic/ADHD kid that lives alone with his mother, Sally, and discovers he is a demi-god. He should have never been born. He will be the only person that decides the faith of Mount. Olympus and the Greek gods.
Percy Jackson
He is a dyslexic/ADHD kid that at the age of 12 discovers he is a demi-god. He is the son of Poseidon ,the greek god of the seas and oceans, and Sally Jackson, a normal human. He is destined to become the only demi-god that can save or destroy Olympus. In the series he is 12-16 years old. At the end of the serie he and Annabeth Chase become a couple
Character: Perseus "Percy" Jackson
Riptide "anaklusmos" is Percy's sword. When Percy looses it will atomatically come back to his pocket in form of a pen.
She is the daughter of the greek goddess of Wisdom, Athena, and Frederick Chase, a normal human. She is the smartest girl at Camp Half-blood. Currently she is Percy Jackson's girlfriend. She ran away when she was 7 and she bump into Luke and Thalia who took care of her like a little sister.
Annabeth Chase
Luke Castellan is the son of Hermes, greek god of thieves, messages , and passages, and May Catellan. He turned against the gods, but he remember his promise of not hurting Annabeth. When Kronos was going to kill Annabeth, Luke got his body back, Kronos was cotrolling it, for a few seconds that allowed him to kill Lord Kronos. Luke is remember as a hero and he is the real hero of Olympus.
Luke Castellan
He is Percy's best friend even before Percy knew he was a demi-god. He is a satyr. Grover was Percy's protector, because Percy is a magnet to monsters. He currently is the protector of nature, and is dating the tree nymph Juniper.
Grover Underwood
Are musical instruments use by satyrs. When satyrs play this instrumentrs some magic comes that allows them to win battles.
Reed Pipes
She is a tree nymph that currently is dating Grover Underwood.
Backbiter is Luke's sword. It is half blade and half celestial bronze. This means it can kill both humans and monsters.
Harry Potter books are about a 11-17 year old wizard. His parents were killed by Lord Voldermort when he was a kid, like he survived he became the chosen one. He kills Lord Voldmemort.
Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a 11-17 year old kid who lived in London with his Aunt, Uncle, and a cousin from his mother side. His parents died, because Lord Voldmrot wanted to conque the wizard world and they were really powerful wizards. He is the chosen one which means only him can destroy Lord Voldemort. He married Ginny Weasley, and has 2 sons and 1 daughter.
Harry Potter
His real name is Tom Riddle. He was an excellent student is the school of Hogwarts. He decided to conquer the world with the use of dark magic. He kills Harry's parents after hearing the prophecy that someone was being born and this person will destroy Lord Voldmort. He tries to kill Harry and like that his opponent, but fails and gets destroys.
Lord Voldemort
She is the smallest of the Weasley's sons and daughter. She is married to Harry Potter.
Ginny Weasley
He is Harry's Best friend. He has 5 older brothers and one younger sister. He is married to Hermione Granger.
Ron Weasley
She is the daughter of 2 muggles. This means humans. She is really smart, and hard worker. Hermione is married to Ron Weasley.
Hermione Granger
The Hunger games is about a 16 year old girl from distrcit 12 that needs to fight in a special arena. The games are to show that the districts must not revolt against the Capitol. She needs to fake being in love to survive the games. She wins them against all odds, and then next year she needs to play them agin, because of an unfair Quarter Quell. She becomes the symbol of the revolution and discovers district 13 is alive. She needs to save Panem from the unfair government of the Capitol .
The Hunger Games
She is the 1st girl tribute of district 12 to win the games. She is really good with a bow and arrow and knows how to defend herself on the woods. She needed to fake being in love with Peeta so they could have a chance to win the games. She is the symbol of the rebelion, and after the 3rd book ends in th epilogue she is married to Peeta Mellark.
Katniss Everdeen
He is the boy tribute of district 12. He wins the Hunger games with Katniss and is force to look like if he loved her. For him it is easier, because he has loved Katniss since they were small. He needs to play the Hunger Games again on the Quarter Quell, and gets captured by the Capitol. Katniss goes rescue him and they marry.
Peeta Mellark
Primrose Everdeen

Sometimes call Prim, is Katniss' little sister. She was choosen to be part of the games at the age of 12, but Katniss took her place. She is really good with medical equipment and always tries to make people better. On the second book she cures Gale, and tries to help her sister when tough times come. She is murdered on the 3rd book, because the president of district 13 ordered to bomb the part of the capitol were Prim and Katniss were standing.
Gale Hawthrone
He is Katniss' friend. He helps her hunt, and helps her mantain her family while she is in the games. In the second book he works on the mines, because he has reach the age limit. One day when they hunt Gale declares his love to Katniss and they kiss. She says they should run away, but he declares he won't, because their families need them. At the end of the book he takes Katniss' family to district 13 to protect them. On the 3rd book he and Katniss spend more time together, because Peeta is captured. He is making arms to defeat the capitol. He gets captured by the capitol and taken away. When he gets free Katniss and him unite, but because maybe one of his weapons killed Prim, Katniss never feels the same way arround him. He lives in district 2 and has a "fancy" job.
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