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Creative Introduction

AP Biology

Nicole Rossi

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Creative Introduction

Creative Introduction
Nicole Rossi
AP Biology 3˚ & 7˚
14 August 2013
Name: Nicole Rossi
Grade: 12
Interests/Passions: Swimming, Skiing, Baking, Reading, and Writing
Favorite Subject: Science
Favorite Book: The Outsiders
Who Am I?
Why Am I Taking This Course?
I am very interested in learning more about the world around me and the different ways individual organisms sustain life. I also want to establish a good foundation in biology before I go to college, as I plan in majoring in this field of science. Also, since this course is a college-level course, it will help me become familiar with the amount of work and pace of a college-level course.
My Expectations
I expect this course to provide me with a greater understanding of biological processes and provide me with an opportunity to expand my laboratory experience. I am hoping this course will be a hands-on experience. I expect my teacher to provide thorough explanations of complex topics and be readily available to answer any questions. Lastly, I expect my classmates to be as excited as I am for this class and be eager to learn and share their ideas.
How Do I Want This Experience To Affect My Life?
I want this experience to affect my life by giving me a good foundation in biology and serving as a launching point for my college major. This class will provide a good foundation for my future biological studies, which will be useful in college and, possibly, medical school courses that I plan on taking.
I think the most challenging aspects of this course will probably be completing homework everyday, as I am so used to a block schedule, and balancing this class with all my other Advanced Placement classes. However, in the long run, this class will help me improve my time management skills.
Additional Information
My passion is biology and I cannot wait to start this class. I particularly cannot wait to study the structures of the human body, which is a section in this course.
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