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The use of computers in the market

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sirinut nerdkrathok

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of The use of computers in the market

Work Experience
Mr.Sirinut Nerdkrathok
The use of computers in the market
Room.2/2 No.13
Help Online Manual
1.Market is a market specific
The effects of eletronic commerce
Customers to the website aims. He wanted to buy a product, such as those looking to buy shoes is to see that shoe.
The behavioral segmentation
Grouping based on their customers. Attention to the value of customer or product. One particular service And lifestyles of customers These factors are determined. Customer behavior
Management information system for the production.
In the production process consists of the many dependencies. By the planning system's resources. Organizations to participate in information system for production management will allow the flexibility and the provision of resources available to keep pace with demand. The purpose of the process is to produce to meet the needs of customers satisfied or there.
Management information system in the production. Burden of management supervision will be reduced, the documents. Content is made available online in the form of movement and communication, information is available through the system. Electronic data interchange (EDI) and the Internet instead. The planned use of resources. Manufacturing organizations to use the Internet and the corporate intranet. To connect with agencies both domestically and abroad. To operational and control tasks. Both centralized and decentralized Figure 16 provides an overview of information system for production management.
Management information system for the production
Web Site
Socia Network
Digital Marketing

the process of communicating the value of products or services to customers. The market may be interpreted as the art of the sale for some time. But sales are only a small part of the market.
Marketing environment
To understand the needs of consumers and ahead of customer needs over time is the primary duty of every marketer. The understanding "Environmental marketing" (Marketing Environment) to give recognition to various concerns. Impulse of the customer as well as improving our products to meet customer needs.
Types of market research
• Primary research (Primary Research / Field Research) controlled research and its use for research purposes only [9].
• secondary research (Secondary Research / Desk Research) research to find out extra. Or to support others.
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