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About Kimberly Clavin

Highly motivated Mechanical Engineer (M.S.) with a diverse background including engineering in the industry and education management and instructional design in the academic world.

Kimberly Clavin

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of About Kimberly Clavin

About Kimberly Clavin
Work Experience
Awards and Honors
CAD and Finite Element Analysis
Autodesk Inventer
Pro-E - Novice
LMS/Virtual Lab
Graduated in 2003 with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on Acoustics, Vibrations and Dynamics.

Master’s Degree - The Ohio State University
Bachelor’s Degree - Purdue University
Graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on dynamics and measurement systems.

2 years as Manager of STEM Initiatives for K-12 District
(Dublin City Schools, Ohio)

9 Years of Educational Management and Teaching in Higher Education (OSU)

6 Years of Mechanical Design/Test Industry Experience

Western Digital 1997-1999
Lead Failure Analysis engineer, designed mechanical parts, held managerial responsibilities, conducted experiments, used Solidworks for design and Cosmos for FEA
Rochester, MN
AFECO - Hormel Foods Corp.
Designed custom-built food processing equipment, performed drafting on Autocad R14 and 2000, created work orders for saws, machines, and welders.
Algona, IA
Contract Position - 9 months
Winnebago Industries 1999-2001
Primary Noise, Vibrations, and Harshness (NVH) engineer, primary Structural Analysis Engineer (FEA) using Unigraphics/Nastran, designed parts and assemblies using Unigraphics, ran dynamic and static tests, involved in purchase of test equipment, communicated with manufacturing and purchasing on a regular basis.
Forest City, IA
Honda R&D Americas 2003-2004
Tested vehicles for acoustics and vibrations, simulated vehicles via Hypermesh, Nastran and LMS products, trained contractors to use the systems, person in charge of numerous large projects which required leadership and coordination.
Vehicle Test Engineer
Raymond, OH
Product Design Engineer
Design Engineer
Mechanical Design Engineer
The Ohio State University 2005 - 2013
Instructional Development Specialist
Laboratory Supervisor
Columbus, OH
Instructional Design Skills and Experience
Simulated Labs
Hands-On Gaming for the Inverted Classroom
Remote Labs
Physical Experiments Located on campus that students run remotely.
Developed and Present Workshops
Workshops include
Professional Development Skills
Technology in the Classroom
How learning works
Depth of comprehension
Mechanics of Teaching
Managing Conflict
Blended Learning
Time Management
Technical Communications
Creating Simulated Labs
Effective use of an LMS System in the classroom
Responding to Student Writing
Using LabVIEW
Industry Engagement/Partnerships
Project Based Learning
NewsPaper Articles
Senior Design Pogo Project

Volunteer Work
"A Hybrid Full Vehicle Model for Structure Borne Road Noise Prediction", SAE article 2005-01-2467.
"Vibro-Acoustic Analysis of Quiet Coat 118", The Ohio State University, Feb. 2003. Prepared for Quiet Solutions, Inc.
"Vibro-acoustic Analysis of Damped Casing Covers and Plates", Master's Thesis, Mechanical Engineering at The Ohio State University.
"A Cocktail of Objectivism and Constructivism are Flipped and Blended into an Effective Lab Course" American Society of Engineering Education, April 2013
Testing Hardware and Software
Testing Software
National Instruments-Virtual Instruments
Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Digital Multimeters
Spectrum Analyzers
Data Acquisition Hardware (variety)
Instron Machines
CNC Milling Machines
Rapid Prototyping Equipment
Fatigue Machines
Laser Vibrometer
Modal and Impact Test Hardware
Staff Above and Beyond Award for the College of Engineering
Technology Grant through College of Engineering
On Campus Spotlight - Student Nominated
Seed Grant Recipient from University Center of Advancement of Teaching
$10,000 to Enhance current Graduate Teaching Associate Program

Create and Implement Teaching Enhancement Workshops for GTA continuous Training
Help local schools and individual teachers with their engineering curriculum.
Organize and present engineering outreach presentations/shows at local schools.
Judge for STEM Extracurricular Activities (First Robotics, Invention Convention)
Volunteer for CoolTechGirls, a club for girls interested in STEM fields.
Faculty Advisor for STEM Sisters, a club for girls interested in STEM.
Anything recreational
I Would like to publish a Children's Book Series.
The Adventure of the Amazing Atoms!
First book in Series is "Wally the Water Molecule"
Page 1
Page 6
Page 10
Engineering Skills
Search "Kimberly Clavin" or go to
Thank you for watching!
Kimberly Clavin
Professional Signature

Kimberly Clavin
Owner & Consultant
NotBoxed Creations
Kimberly Clavin
Operational Management Experience
Completed Ohio State University's Supervisor Training to Enhance Performance Sequence (STEP) - 13 Training Workshops.
Supervise 1 to 2 full time staff members.
Train 5 to 10 graduate teaching assistants/semester.
Supervisor and mentor 25 graduate teaching associates (GTAs)/semester.
Manage undergraduate lab courses including curriculum, schedules, equipment, enrollment, GTAs and learning management software.
Give an orientation and professional develop workshops to GTAs and instructors.
Organize and deliver recruiting and outreach events.
Follows Common Core Curriculum Model for Science!
Instructional Design Skills
Depth of Knowledge
Critical, Creative and Practical Thinking
Hybrid/Blended Classroom
Storyboard Development
LMS Programming
Technology Integration
Studio Style Classroom
Active Learning
Online Simulations/Games
Anytime/Anyplace Modules (elearning)
Flipped/Inverted Classroom
Curriculum Development
Education Management
Problem Based Learning
Large Enrollment Challenges
Flexible Hands-On Lab Solutions (elearning)
STEM (K12 and Higher Education)
Desired Student Outcome
Professional Project Manager (PMP) (Obtained April 2015)
Eligible to teach Physics and Industrial Technology, Grades 4-12
Supervisor Training Series at Ohio State University
Suicide Prevention
AutoDesk, Unigraphics, DSpace, LabvIEW and LMS Virtual Labs
Desire2Learn (Learning Management System)
Work Experience Continued...
Work Experience Continued...
Work Experience Continued...
Work Experience Continued...
Work Experience Continued...
Open Labs
Experiential Learning
Flex Labs
Self Discovery and Peer Instruction
I am a big fan of...
Self Exploration
Peer Instruction
Frequency/Instant Feedback
Bloom's Taxonomy
Montessori Methods
Learn Through Play!
Problem Based
Manager of STEM Initiatives in Dublin City Schools (August, 2013 - July 2015)
STEM=Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Project Management
PMP Certificate Expected April 2015
Over 4200 hours of Project Management Experience.
Project Manager for 85% of projects.
Most Recent: "K to Career" - 1 million dollar project with 40 external partners and four levels of stakeholders.
Skilled in engaging with people.
K-12 Education
Wrote and Awarded Straight A Fund, $996,000
Articles while working as Manager of STEM Initiatives in Dublin City Schools

IT Academy Might Open Doors to Careers
Roller Coasters Helping Students Learn Physics
Dublin Students Fix Bikes to Donate to Others
Hour of Code in Dublin City Schools 2014
Central Ohio Hour of Code
Industry Officials ask to help shape K to Career Program
District Committed to Connecting Students with Successful Career Path
About K to Industry - Straight A Grant Project
Straight A Grant Award for K to Industry ($996k)

Fifth Graders Learn Reverse Engineering
Middle School Real Life Application - Civil Engineering
Infusion into Academics
Middle School STEM Outreach
STEM Night for Spanish Speakers
Hour of Code Dublin 2013
OSU Program Links College, High School Students
Project give Scioto Students Engineering Experience
STEM Lessons Link to Real Life Applications
STEM Programs Continue to Grow
Science Behind Playground Fun
STEM Initiatives Job Announcement
Created STEM Strategic Plan for Dublin
Wrote Straight A Grant
Awarded nearly 1 Million Dollars
Project Manager for year long project
40 External Partners
Stakeholders consisted of students, parents, teachers, working professionals
Included Marketing, Evaluation, Product Development, Communications, Procurement and More.
Successful implementation with large impact.
Speaking Engagements
Innovate Conference, Steal My Idea, 2012
ASEE Conference, "Presented "A Cocktail of Objectivism and Constructivism are Flipped and Blended into an Effective Lab Course" American Society of Engineering Education, April 2013
, April 2013
District Science Fair 2015
Industry Leader Breakfast, 2014
Numerous Parent Forums, Information Sessions, Classroom Demonstrations, Business Advisory, Club Meetings 2013-2015
IT Summit at Columbus State Community College 2015
: Ohio Technology Summit, 2015
: Compact Summit, Columbus State Community College, 2015
Epsilon Pi Tau International Honorary Dinner, 2015
And Many More

Women in STEM develops STEM opportunities for K - 12

About Academies in Dublin City Schools
Presently Owner and Consultant for NotBoxed Creations.
STEM Education (K-12)
Career Tech Education
Project Based Learning
Stakeholder Engagement
Industry/Community Liaison
MakerSpace/Hackspace Design/Equipment
STEM/Technology Educational Equipment/Software
Professional Development, Coaching
Career Counseling, Course Pathway Design
K to Career is an innovative comprehensive approach to workforce development that encompasses exploration of career fields, engagement with experts and industry immersion. The overarching goal of K to Industry is to populate the workforce with employees rich in contextual, technical and career skills.

A strategic plan for STEM Education in Dublin City Schools. Awarded nearly 1 million dollars through Straight A Funds. I was the grant writer and the project manager for development and implementation.
Visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/KimberlyClavin ->Projects to link to articles
Project Management Certification - Project Management Institute

Obtained April 2015
Establish and maintain a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program in Dublin City Schools.
• Course mapping and pathway design K – Career.
• Streamline and synthesize K-12 education, higher education practice and industry applications.
• Education and Project Management, Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Public Speaking.
• Researched-based professional development and instructional design with specialization in industry partnerships and industry infused project based learning.
• Develop innovative programs and opportunities in effort to alleviate the workforce skills gap.
Manage and coordinate required undergraduate Mechanical Engineering laboratories and instructor of record for various engineering courses.
• Facility design and hands-on experiment design and delivery for educational usage.
• Education, Project and Operational Management.
• Guidance for faculty in the redesign of courses to integrate new technologies.
• Design and development of Simulated, Remote and Flex Laboratories.
• Train and supervise laboratory staff and graduate students.
• Create and present instructor professional development.
• Coordinate and organize recruiting and orientation events, lead role in numerous STEM outreach events.
• Teach courses in system dynamics, measurements, control theory, failure analysis, CAD, CAE, drafting, rapid prototyping, CAM, and CNC machining.
• Lead on elearning taskforce and learning management system (LMS) for College of Engineering.
List of software and hardware engineering skills as well as teaching experience available upon request.

Tech-Infused Costume Design

Website Design
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