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Because of Mr. Terupt

This is an awesome prezi about a book I read.

Leah Orman

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Because of Mr. Terupt

Because of Mr. Terupt
Mr. Terupt
The story takes place throughout the whole school year: September-June. It is mostly at school and at the hospital. (The students visit Mr. Terupt at the hospital.)
Mr. Terupt
likes fun activities
goes easy on the kids, he does not get them in much trouble
the teacher
new girl in school
always carries a book
a little naughty
does notget in trouble though
is scientific about everything
searches for dollar words ( Mr. Terupt teaches them about dollar words)
likes to tease Danielle
has a sad secret
everyone wonders about him
used to be friends with Alexia
a tad overweight
finds an unapproved friend
likes to draw
Danielle's family doesn't approve of her mom
makes friends with 2 girls
The school year starts with Mr. Terupt as the new fifth grade teacher. He gives the kids really interesting projects, like finding out how many blades of grass are in the entire field, or experimenting with different formulas to feed a plant.
He gives them an opportunity to meet the students in the Collaborative Classroom. (The kids in there are like the STAGES room.) After the experience, the kids in Mr. Terupt’s class felt completely different about them
He rewards them by giving them their choice of a day. They chose a day of games and playing outside in the snow. This is special because usually they are not allowed to play outside in the snow.
There is a big mound of snow outside, and Peter sees it as a perfect opportunity to push Alexia down the hill. Doing this started a little fight which ended up with someone pushing Peter’s face down in the snow. He gets very mad and chucks an ice ball in the air, not knowing where it is going. It ends up hitting Mr. Terupt in the face. He falls into a coma. The students come and visit him in the hospital.
After a few months, the doctors can finally wake him up. He comes back to school, and surprises the kids. He tells them that he will be teaching all of them again in the fall of next year.

The theme of Because of Mr. Terupt is that you should never let things get out of hand. Keeping things under control with keep you and the people around you safe. For example, if Mr. Terupt had stopped the snow fight when it started, Peter wouldn't have thrown the snowball, so there would have been no snowball to hit Mr. Terupt.
This book has a complicated plot because of all the narrators. All the kids tell the story from their own perspective.
I would recommend this book to you. It has a good story, and some suspense. I am sorry if I ruined it, but you can still read it!
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