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News 2.0

No description

Cris Mummery

on 24 April 2018

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Transcript of News 2.0

News Values - What makes an event 'newsworthy'?

Events that concern important people / powerful countries.
Events that can be personalised.
Events that are clear, dramatic and negative in consequence.
Traditionally what is deemed 'newsworthy' has been determined by large media institutions - BBC, CNN etc..
Wowing template. Click through in 20 steps.
But we can move beyond the present.
Here is something small...
An Example:
Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr
If the 9/11 bombings happened today how might news of the event be broken ?
News 2.0
Web 2.0 has made it easy and inexpensive for people to come together share information and take public action.
The breaking down of geographical barriers allows for group action that can change society.
'Everyone is a Media Outlet'
The tools of journalism belong to everyone.
Publish then filter rather than filter then publish.
Removal of '
'. Advent of '
Citizen Journalism
Clay Shirky
Argues the impact of the Internet upon Journalism has been 'mythologised'
Critical of '
' and '
Internet Centrism
Nothing inherently democratic about the internet.
Internet can be used by authorities to control and monitor populations (China and Iran)
Impact of social media upon popular revolt and political debate overstated.
Evgeny Morozov
For the Iranian authorities, the detective work often doesn't have to be remotely hi-tech. As Evgeny Morozov recently noted, it is now possible to calculate a person's sexual orientation by analysing who their Facebook friends are. Sure, it's a quirky news story in Britain, but terrifying for gay people living in countries such as Iran, where homosexuality is outlawed. -
Will Haven 'Daily Telegraph'
Only 20,000 Twitter users in Iran,
the Iranian government are still
in Power.
...a former aide to George Bush even suggested awarding Twitter the Nobel peace prize for its role in the Iran crisis.

Such hyperbole reveals more about western fantasies for new media than the reality in Iran, argues Hamid Tehrani, the Persian editor of the blogging network Global Voices.

"The west was focused not on the Iranian people but on the role of western technology," he says. "Twitter was important in publicising what was happening, but its role was overemphasised." -
Matthew Weaver - 'The Guardian'
The General Election of 2010 was billed as the first election where social media would play a big role. In fact, TV played a bigger role in shaping debate.....
General Election 2010
It could be argued the role of traditional media is still important in '
' user generated content distributed via youtube twitter etc.. as well as providing context and summary....
News Institutions are also attempting to maintain their power by establishing new revenue streams through '
walled gardens
', where users pay for access to content.
The 'Walled Garden'
Is user generated content worthwhile? Are everyone's views valid?
Perhaps Journalists matter after all.....
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