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Study On IBS System

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Princess Delaila Ab Rahaman

on 20 December 2014

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Transcript of Study On IBS System

Study On The Application of Industrialised Building System (IBS) System In Goverment Building Project Under Public Work Department Of Batu Pahat Supervision
To realize the objectives of Vision 2020, the construction industry has undergone many changes and moves towards globalization in which traditional construction practices have undergone a revolution that construction product produced will be of better quality.
Among the efforts of certain parties in collaboration with the public sector has introduced Industrialised Building System (IBS) to strengthen the country's construction industry. IBS method was found to be relevant to the local market because it is able to produce timely construction features such as a safe, clean, simple and can reduce construction time period.
The use of IBS system is enhanced and supported by the Government of Malaysia with production Treasury Circular (SPP) Number 7 of 2008 by the Ministry of Finance, which requires the use of 70% of IBS in the implementation of government projects.

Although the government disseminate and have strongly recommend that all government buildings must use this method of IBS, but it still was not well received among government agencies involved.
The Industrialised Building Systems (IBS) is a construction process that utilises techniques, products, components, or building systems which involve prefabricated components and on-site installation. (CIDB)
What is IBS
To know the advantages and disadvantages of IBS
This study will be carried out in PWD Of Batu Pahat and in projects of IBS carried out by PWD Batu Pahat.
This study will involve construction engineers, officers nor the parties involved in the implementation of IBS in Batu Pahat district includes engineers and staff of the contractors involved in the construction of government buildings under JKR Batu Pahat.
This study was conducted to determine the advantages and disadvantages of IBS, to identify the root cause of PWD Batu Pahat less using IBS in the construction of government building and to study the problems that occur during IBS construction.
Based on current projects as well, there are problems that occur during the construction process that contributes to the delay in completion of the project.
Cost is also are not deductible if only government project aimed to use the system. Less demand means that overall costs can not be reduced.
This component involves the installation program and the steps before and after the installation is done. Indeed, only skilled workers who are able to perform construction work in accordance with the method of the system.
To Identify the root cause of PWD Batu Pahat less using IBS in the construction of government buildings
To Study the problems occur during the IBS construction in PWD projects in Batu Pahat.
Public/Government building means the building that belongs to a town or state, and is used by the public.
Among the government buildings that are under the supervision of the PWD is schools, police stations, hospitals, clinics, government institutions and so on.
What is Government Building
There are five types of IBS are often used in construction in Malaysia. ( Mohd Yazid,2011 )
Pre-cast Concrete Framing, Panel and Box Systems

Pre-cast columns, beams, slabs, 3-D components (balconies, staircases, toilets, lift chambers), permanent concrete formwork,

Steel Formwork System

Tunnel forms, beams and columns moulding forms, permanent steel formworks (metal decks)

Steel Framing Systems

Steel beams and columns, portal frames, roof trusses,

Prefabricated Timber Framing Systems

Timber frames, roof trusses,

Block Work Systems

Interlocking concrete masonry units (CMU), lightweight concrete blocks
Minimum construction on site
The minimum period of construction
Less use of labor
Modular Coordination
Factors that encourage the use of IBS
Problem of Foreign Workers, Cost and Quality
The Safety On Convensional Site is Not Guaranteed
The generation of waste of Construction Materials
The minimum Use of Technology
Good quality control
Shorten the construction period
Reduce the labor
Reduce the waste of the construction materials
Cleaner environment on site
The site will be in order and safely
Modular Standardization
Manufacturing defects
The problems of component's connection
Repeated design
study of the literature through reading, references on resources such as journals, articles, newspapers, books, projects bachelors and masters and internet.
Discussions with supervisors also conducted to seek guidance in performing this study. It is important to the author to obtain an initial overview and be more clear about the issues to be studied.
Data collection will be made in the form of primary data and secondary data.
The data were collected through surveys and questionnaires
Through literature review of journals, books, newspapers, theses before, the internet and other sources of literature relating to the use of IBS in the construction industry in Malaysia
Analysis based on the results obtained. Analysis will be performed by explanation and presented in written form, tables, graphs and charts.
Conclusion & Recommendation
The conclusion and recommendation will be made from the view of data analysis.
Preparation of the findings
The results of studies that have been through the stages will be compiled, bound and submitted to the department for evaluation.
Review Of The Literature
Site Survey
Selection Of Respondent
IBS Manufacturers
Based In Batu Pahat

The results obtained will be able to describe the advantages and disadvantages of IBS system and can identify all the constraints and problems that occur in the implementation of the IBS system at the construction site.

The factors of less use of IBS system in the construction of government buildings will be obtained and recommendations can be proposed in order to find solutions to any problems that occur.
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