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No description

erika steinger

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of counterclaim

counterclaim and rebuttal
Just like when you're writing a claim, you must use evidence to break down the counterclaim.
sample counterclaim
claim: All schools should have a uniform policy because students should be focused on their work, not their clothing
when music offends
unit eq: does music censorship violate the first amendment?
lesson eq: how do we write an effective counterclaim?
Do Now: In one or two sentences, explain what you think a counterclaim is. Then, write an example of a possible counterclaim for your essay.
A counterclaim is a solid or reasonable argument that OPPOSES your claim.

A rebuttal is a written or verbal response to a counterclaim. The purpose of the rebuttal is to break down the ideas and evidence behind the counterclaim and explain why/how they are invalid or not as effective as your claim.
bad example
Claim: You're stupid Counterclaim: Your face is stupid
Good example
Claim: You're a nerd because you spend all of your time studying.
Counterclaim/Rebuttal: Studying actually makes me really cool because I will end up going to a good college, which will help me get a great job, which will make me super successful and get me a really good looking wife.
Think of a counterclaim/rebuttal combo as a "sick burn"...you are predicting what your opponent is going to say and telling them why they are wrong before they even get to say anything.
Many students argue that they have the right to wear whatever they want to school. Using the constitution to support their right to freedom of expression, students have said that uniforms violate their right to express themselves through their clothing. For this reason, most schools do allow students to dress as they please. However, there are many other healthy and non-distracting ways for students to express themselves while they are in school, such as writing or in art class. It is clear that students put too much thought into their appearance, which is made obvious by their strong opinions about the issue, further proving that uniforms would be beneficial in increasing students' focus in school.
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