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Cassandra Paul

No description

Cassandra Paul

on 5 December 2017

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Transcript of Cassandra Paul

Let Me Help You
Executive Summary
Target Audience Analysis
SEO: Keywords
The retail industry is increasing in sales which means that competition is becoming high. In order to maintain customers and persuade consumers, you must stay up to date with the most popular way they are retrieving fashion trends. In this generation, technology has taken control of people's daily lives. Marketing and Advertising through social media is guaranteed to to increase profit, customers, and brand awareness. "Creating excitement, desire, and demand via digital assest," is extremely vital in creating a social media strategy. Producing and implementing with the proper foundation will build success for the business. Investing your time and money into my social media strategy will benefit the company in many aspects.
After completing accurate research, we've found the audience that would be most influenced with the products being sold. JustFab needs to communicate thoroughly through social media in order to grasp the attention of the target audience. Results in JustFab demographics are as listed:
Women ages 18-35
College students and established career women
Women who stay up to date with current trends
Women who enjoy promotional deals
Browsing location would be at work
The keywords that were chosen for the best way to effectively make money were:
just fab
just fab online
monthly shoe subscription
shoes online
womens shoes
Having an efficient search engine marketing strategy is vital to keeping the company successful. Because the main target market is women between 18-35, JustFab is constantly staying up to date with the latest fashion trends to provide their customers the best looking shoes. The customers are always using the search engine to find their specific need in shoes. It is important that the company is observing the customers’ current needs and wants as they find the most beneficial effective keywords. JustFab needs to accomplish getting the click through rate high and finding the most affordable purchases to maximize the effectiveness of this social media strategy.
Cassandra Paul
Social Media Strategy
Executive Summary
Target Audience
SEO: Keywords
Social Media Platforms
Because JustFab is an ecommerce
company, it is already a step ahead with the website asset. However, using my efficient social media strategy will drive more traffic to the website. The most valuable social media platforms that will benefit the company would be:
I know the results will sustain the company's goals in accomplishing the proper tactics to increase followers, influencers, and target audience.
Within the demographics that has been researched, results found the largest audience that would be interested in JustFab. Most women that would be purchasing JustFab products would have a high interest in media. Their preference of the way they would receive their media would be through websites and magazines, which would include top genres such as fashion and beauty. Their buying patterns would be on a monthly basis, especially if they are already a JustFab subscriber. The segments that need to be appealed by the products include:
Women 18-30
Middle class women living alone
Middle class women that have children
Creating an effective way to market the products will help reach your goal that the social media strategy can help achieve. The JustFab shoes, accessories and apparel have a variety of styles that customers can choose from, however it's important to clearly communicate the message to the women so they can find their own style that fits their age. The message also has to promote the kid's department and the trendy looks that can be found for them.
After choosing some keywords, I managed to distinguish the most effective keywords that were affordable. “trendy shoes” is what I chose as my product, than “apparel” than “footwear” than “sandals.” The average monthly for all ideas were 100K-1M. The avg monthly search for “trendy shoes” is 1K-10K, The competition is high and the suggested bid is $0.89. There’s a prediction of 0-36.1k clicks daily and costs of 0.00 to 29.0k. Another word I searched was “affordable shoes” which was an avg monthly search of 1K-10K. The competition is high and suggested bid is $0.93.

There weren't many keywords that had low competition, which would have been the best route for maximum profit. However, it is still manageable to make money with these keywords that are the most effective. The majority of the chosen words were medium or high.
Social Media Implementation
Implementing a detailed and structured social media marketing plan is important to get your audience engaged. Facebook and Twitter are the best two platform to use in order to market the JustFab brand.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms that can lead a company to success. In order for JustFab to engage their desired costumers, the client must obtain strategies to attract them. Photos and videos are successful tactics used to interest potential customers. By posting pictures of the latest shoes that the company is selling and cute promo videos for the new shoe line, customers will immediately want to find their best fit. Because photos generate more interaction, it’s important to post at least 3-6 times a day. The goal is to maximize likes drastically throughout the day. Making posts that will let potential customers comment and share will benefit the company. Posting features from magazines shoots and tv shows of people wearing JustFab shoes will certainly spark up conversation. It’s important to be interactive in conversation as well. Therefore, responding to customer’s comments or questions in a timely manner are critical. An efficient way to get JustFab clients to persuade customers into purchasing their shoes is by setting up facebook events for the start of their promotional sales. This will remind them to prepare saving so they will be prepared to do some major shopping. Because facebook pages work in hand with google, whenever someone may search “JustFab,” “trendy heels,” or “affordable heels,” the JustFab page will be an option of the results that will appear. These keywords will most likely drive traffic to the page.
Social Media Implementation
When utilizing the twitter strategy, you need more fast paced tactics. The lasting life of a tweet is much shorter than a facebook post. People get distracted easier on twitter, therefore the client must post new tweets about new products. Get celebrities to retweet the company’s link that wear the products so potential customers can interact more. Using hashtags with the products name, items, “retweet,” etc are ways to maximize retweets and followers. Because it is a company that sells shoes, creating giveaways to attract customers could be by giving out a free pair of heels to one the first 50 people to retweet their posts by them automatically being in a drawing. Also, the best times to posts is essential to having a high range of viewers watching client’s company’s tweets. Tweeting between 12pm-3pm on weekdays and retweets around the 3pm hour.
Because JustFab is an ecommerce retail company, I believe Instagram is one of the best alternative social media platforms to use to promote the company’s items. Instagram is more focused on vivid imagery with excellent quality. Pictures are Instagram are usually posted to tell a story. Justfab can create photoshoots with just shoes in different sceneries to match the best fit of where to wear the specific shoe. Instagram users are more so the cool kids. They have an interest what looks good and how they can look good to their followers. The best time to post would be between 12pm-1pm on Monday through Friday. Being visible with responding to comments is important as well.

Pinterest is mostly female users under the age of 40, but it is resourceful for the JustFab company. Because JustFab is mainly women shoes, accessories and apparel, Pinterest can be the perfect place for the client to create boards to narrow down all of the options the offer for sale. There can be a board for clothing, accessories, and shoes. Within the shoes, it can be categorized more as the type of shoe: heels, flats, sandals, wedges, boots, etc. Because you want customers to feel special, making a secret board will intrigue them to being a loyal customer. Using incentives such as reaching a certain amount of customer points, you can be invited to see the exclusive new line of shoes that has not been released to the public yet. Giving them a chance to pre-order will make them feel exclusive. Also, the client should always re-pin, comment, and like to be interactive with the potential customers.
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