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Rohit Singh

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Presentation

Media & Publicity plays a significant part in maintaining the brand name of Udghosh
Efforts for early collaboration with TV channels, newspaper, magazines, etc.
Online publicity through various online events
Videos will be released during the festival highlighting the upcoming matches, players, etc.
Coverage of all the important matches and shows MEDIA AND PUBLICITY Proper research and databasing within budget constraints
Sports personalities, social activists, etc. will be contacted for motivational talks
Search for various art forms
Artists and performers will be approached such as Anthony Polimeni,etc.
Embassies will be contacted
Extensive calling PUBLIC RELATIONS Security plans will be discussed with DOSA, SIS, Core Team members
Code of Conduct will be designed effectively so that it may contain all the necessary information in most simple language possible
This will be ratified by Senate well in advance
Multiple Block Barricading will be used to avoid stampede SECURITY Ideate your sport
Digital Posters will be released timely for each event
Will ensure that website is ready by May mid
Website will be updated timely DESIGN Proper scheduling and timely conduction of the events
Intermediate post between Heads and Coordinators will be called for, namely Executives who will be collectively responsible for all the events
Backup plans for the emergency cases of rain
Rules and regulations for every event shall be given to the participants beforehand
Be prepared for the requirements of each sport and ensuring adequate supply
Workshops like skating, wall climbing, etc. will be organized COMPETITION 2 Heads
5 Coordinators
30 Secretaries
50 Volunteers HOSPITALITY TEAM Secure Area will be maintained properly at the Hospitality Desk
Places that will be used for accommodation purpose will be Hostels, VH, VH extension, Type quarters, Type CC, etc.
Central messing will be provided
Online registration will be done event wise to ensure the quality participation HOSPITALITY Quality participation
Ensuring National Level participation
Proper Accommodation and messing
Travel arrangements
Good colleges will be approached earlier
Timely distribution of medals and certificates
Welcome Kits will be provided to the participants which will include basic stuffs like first aid, etc. HOSPITALITY
Designing of Marketing Brochure and Video
Special targets like PSUs will be contacted soon
Potential of Kanpur will be exploited
Sponsorship proposal will be divided in different zones like Gold, Silver, etc.
Procurement of goodies well in advance
List of big companies is to be prepared earlier and will be contacted during summer preferably through meetings MARKETING TEAM STRUCTURE Mascot based theme
Navigation system for the proper feed of events
Exciting online events i.e. capere and thesaurus entry
Marketing video along with the proposal INNOVATIONS Rohit Singh UDGHOSH’13 THANK YOU Coordinator, Hospitality Cell, Udghosh’12
Coordinator, Junkyard Wars, Techkriti’12
Coordinator, Mridaksh, Antaragni’12 CREDENTIALS Ensure that the senate is informed about all the new developments and activities of the festival
Submit all the reports and documents in stipulated time
Ensure that festival in all its financial dealing is in compliance with senate norms
Create an able and competent Special Task Force SENATE AFFAIRS Requirements for every event shall be prepared well in advance and will be strictly followed to reduce last minute problems
Permissions for various facilities like VH, VH extension, Auditorium, Hostel common rooms, etc. will be taken beforehand
Better coordination between Head Event and Show M team by increasing the frequency of the meetings
Suitable arrangements will be done for avoiding problems caused by rain SHOW MANAGEMENT Informal events will be conducted all the time to increase the Fun factor in the festival
Treasure hunt, casino, etc. will be taken special care of , to keep the junta involved
Fun zones will be setup INFORMALS Conduct a financially sound and transparent Udghosh
Ensure that purchase of all the items has been done well in advance
Will work towards the increasing quality of messing provided
Prepare efficient budget for proper allocation of money to various cells
Tenders opened and finalized on time FINANCE Strengthen the core
Focus on excellent marketing
Increase the Fun factor
Make Udghosh a brand to be reckoned with
Maintain the quality participation
Have a dedicated and well coordinated Core Team
Ensure smooth conduction of the festival MISSION AND VISION Jan end: design of marketing brochures, videos, marketing team
Feb: FAC, team formation, database formation for respective cell, marketing starts
March-April mid: extensive calling for marketing, Tender Opening Committee
May-June: website release(beta), registration open, calling for marketing, pro shows, media houses, different colleges, videos, posters
July end: booking and permissions
Aug: floating and opening of tenders, finalized deals with radio, TV channels, newspapers, All team meet, release of online events, website release(main)
Sept 1st week: purchase of different items, procurement of all the goodies, finalization of teams, event scheduling
26-29 Sept: Udghosh’13 TIMELINE Mayhem for Victory Festival Coordinator
2 Head Marketing
2 Head Events
2 Head Hospitality
Head Finance
Head Security
Head Public Relations
Head Show Management
Head Design
Head Media & Publicity
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