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Poverty in India

No description

Katie DuFour

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Poverty in India

Poverty in India
Katie DuFour, Shania King, Taylor Hahn
Do a lot of sponsors support this organization?
well established,dependable organizations
Is money used effectively?
donors want money to be used for the cause
Is relief noticeable?
Is the organization doing what they promised?
Effectiveness of Aid Organizations
Established for almost 70 years
In 2012, over seven million dollars donated
83% of donations fight poverty
Many families in India have seen the work of CARE in their own lives.
First on the scene and stay long after camera's leave
Empower oppressed women
CARE International
22nd year
made up of volunteers only, no administration
food, shelter, education, and medical care to over 1,000 orphans
built relationships with area schools and churches
relieve poverty in orphans until old enough to support
Heal Health and Education For All
HelpAge India
Cycle India 2016

$2,010 for expenses
Raise $2,411 when cycling.
We know this sounds ridiculous, but we have a plan.
Heal Health and Education for All
58 cents a day
sacrifice one coffee/week
books, school uniform, stationary, meals, and contributes to school staff
Current Conditions in India
One in three people in India are in poverty
One half the population of children under 5 are underweight
does not lack skills or resources
gap between policies and legislation
caloric intake of 1200 calories a day
money is 62% from individual sponsors.
69% of the money used on programs.
recognized oustanding leadership in social protection of the elderly
aid in 26 out of the 29 states
works primarily with elderly people
Is the organization relational?
Are they doing more than giving things away?
Is the organization helping people be independent?
Are they hindering people from being self- sufficient?
Effectiveness of Aid Organizations Cont.
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