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Education & Research Sustainability Committee

New Mexico State University David Boje, Connie Falk, and Suzanne Conner (co-chairs)

David Boje

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Education & Research Sustainability Committee

Define the opportunities briefly
2nd Look at Timeline
Next- Research Database
Beginning with WRRI
Potential to become Sustainable E&R University
curriculum Database
Meet Needs of New Mexico with
Heart of Care of Sustainability
for Future Generations
2007 - President Martin of NMSU committed to developing an institutional action plan to achieve carbon neutrality by becoming a signatory to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment.
The NM WRRI was established in 1963 by the New Mexico legislature and approved under the 1964 federal Water Resources Research Act.
NMSU has been developing
sustainability initiatives
since 1963 water uinitatives &
engineering college programs
in 1976.
Heart of Care
In Conclusion:
In Goals, add definition of
Sustainable Literacy
In Goals, add
definition of
Heart of Care
Expand Sustainability
definition beyond
Economic Engine goal
soft focus
Most important of all...
deliberate on
reaching full authentic FUTURE of the potentiality
for Heart of Care at NMSU!
Show how sustainability
interconnects to all
7 ‘Building The Vision Goals’
2011 - Faculty Senate unanimously passed a memorial (led by Professor Boje) to recognize the new Office of Sustainability (headed by joni newcomer [sic]) at NMSU and support the plans and goals of the Sustainability Council, February

Goal 2: Diversity
By integrating diverse perspectives from different cultures we can help achieve and promote student respect for diversity and sustainability at the same time

Goal 5: Effectiveness and Efficiency
Sustainability considers NMSU’s
economic, environmental,
and social-equity health
Goal 7: Culture of Pride
The NMSU student population
has embraced sustainability,
faculty and administration can serve as mentors
to a culture of Aggie pride in sustainability for
generations of students to come
Graduation "Goal #1"
Aligns with action items
3, 4 & 8 of
Talloires Declaration

Goal 3: International Reach
Talloires Declaration item 9
is to broaden service and outreach for
nationally and internationally

Goal 4: Economic Engine
Since 1977,
NMSU has brought together
sustainability initiatives
and economic development
Goal 6: Alumni and Friends
University could be positioned
as way of donating to
sustainable excellence
On Nov 30 2012, NMSU earned a Gold Star rating for its sustainability.  Interim President Dr. Pacheco wrote the “letter of approval” for the STARS® report

4. Meet with representatives of all departments involved in sustainability research by February 2012

5. Meet with Research Council of NMSU, VP of Research, the chair of University Tenure and Promotion Committee, Dean of the Graduate School, and Provost to discuss potential role of interdisciplinary research in tenure and promotion at NMSU by April 2012

6. Identify seed money funding streams to jumpstart new sustainability research initiatives on campus
1. Work with the President, Provost, and VP of Research to appoint six sustainability-research faculty from main campus, and one from each community college to serve on the “Sustainability Research” subgroup of Education and Research Committee of the Sustainability Council by December 2012

2. Meet with the President, Provost, and VP of Research to identify candidates for the subgroup from a compilation of all faculty involved in sustainability research by March 2012

3. Identify sustainability related grants and research initiatives at NMSU annually by May
We recommend E&R report annually in a meeting like this one to President, Provost & VP Research

1. To increase access of E&R to the upper administration
2. To assure sustainability in curriculum and research has a high priority
3. To facilitate reporting and goal implementation
4. To synergize E&R with operations, & community for pedagogic opportunities
Thank you
1. Elevate impact of Education & Research
2. Provide more direct route to administration
3. Synergies between E&R and operations and community
Opportunity to develop Potentiality-for-Being-a-whole Sustainability in E&R connections to entire NMSU
3. Educate for Environmentally Responsible Citizenship
Establish programs to produce expertise in environmental management, sustainable economic development, population, and related fields to ensure that all university graduates are environmentally literate and have the awareness and understanding to be ecologically responsible citizens.

4. Foster Environmental Literacy For All

8. Enhance Capacity of Primary and Secondary Schools
Establish partnerships with primary and secondary schools to help develop the capacity for interdisciplinary teaching about population, environment, and sustainable development.
9. Broaden Service and Outreach Nationally and Internationally
Work with national and international organizations to promote a worldwide university effort toward a sustainable future.
Climate Commitment
Tailloires Commitment
SWTDI established
The Southwest Technology Development Institute (SWTDI), is a non-profit, university-based organization providing applied research and development services to private and public sector clients. 1977 New Mexico Solar Energy Institute was founded with Dr. Harry Zweibel as Director.
Based on a presentation by OASIS students in 2008, Interim President Waded Cruzado signed the Talloires Declaration in 2009
1981 NMSU Southwest Region Solar Experiment Station was founded as part of NMSEI with Dr. Vern Risser as Director.
1982- Jornada Basin Long Term Ecological Research – NMSU land is part of the Jornada Basin. This research examines the causes and consequences of desertification. LTER at NMSU is one of 25 sites funded by the NSF. Researchers come from all over the world to participate.
1984 - Energy Institute, founded with Dr. Schoenmackers as Director
1988 NMSEI, SRSES, & Energy Institute 3 were combined into one as the Southwest Technology Development Institute with Dr. Schoenmackers as the Director.
1990- WERC established – WERC: A Consortium for Environmental Education and Technology Development
1992 SWTDI joins the NMSU College of Engineering with Dr. Schoenmackers as Director.
In 2006 the Institute for Energy & Environment was founded and it joined together WERC, SWTDI, and CEMRC (which again went their separate ways in 2012). Dr. Ghassemi is Director.

2002- For five years (through 2006) OASIS (Organic Agriculture Students Inspiring Sustainability) organic Community Supported Agriculture class and project operated on NMSU main campus, initiated by Professor Connie Falk
Our proposed Research Survey
is enclosed in your packet
Surveying the equipment needed for research depends on understanding the synergy of all NMSU involvements in sustainability: community, operations, education pedagogy in-order-to reach NMSU full future in authentic potential-for-Being-Sustainable-in-New Mexico
Apr 16 2013 NMSU named Bronze Bicycle Friendly University
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