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What I can learn from last year!

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Alex Turnbull

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of What I can learn from last year!

Looking back at last years work! What I learned, what I can improve on and the skills The final Products... The Front cover The contents page The Feature Article The Front Cover... From this I have learned that I need to have a variety of strong images to make sure that it looks authentic.
I have also learned that I will have to use the likes of Photoshop/ final cut, to make sure that everything is edited to a high quality. The Contents Page... The Feature Article ... From this I learned that it is handy to have different stories on standby just in case (For my documentary I could use the other information for the TV listings)
I also learned that images of different people might be useful (This could also be used in the TV listings) What I have learned from the feature article is that you have to focus on the copy separately from the images so that you have enough to fill the space and you know what the main focus is. Technologies ... Camera Photoshop Voice recorders I used this device to help increase the amount of multiple-media that I used in my evaluation. This could be handy as I will be able to record interviews and also keep sort of a diary of what is going well/bad on particular days.
I could also use this device for voice overs on the documentary itself, hence increasing the amount of information that I convey to the potential audience. I used this device to take all of my images for the magazine. I have also used the moving image camera in shooting my Preliminary task. Therefore I have been shown how to use the cameras and therefore they should not be an issue for my A2 project.
For my Project I will have to use the camera's to both film the documentary and to also take strong images for my ancillary tasks. I used this to help me edit together my final product with the tools, such as the magic wand tool, to help me edit the images to make them a higher quality.
For this project I will be using photoshop to help put together the newspaper advert and also the TV listings. Final Cut I used Final cut when I was editing together my preliminary chase scene together with the rest of the group.
I will be using this to edit my documentary together as it was easy to use and effective to the point where the chase scene looked like it had been edited to a proffesional standard. Evaluation... Good Points... Bad Points... I liked how I used different media techniques
I answered all 7 of the questions required
I collected audience feedback in an effective way I could have used more detail in some of my answers
I could have put both of my voice recordings together into one. Blog... Last time... I liked last time that I managed to post all of the appropiate information on the blog that I needed.
I disliked how I ended up putting all of the evaluation on the blog at one time. Next time... This time I will continue to post everything that I do on my blog.
I will make sure that I post it on the blog as soon as I get it, therefore not posting it in chunks. The Front Cover... Liked... Liked... Disliked... Disliked... Disliked... Liked... The individuality of the musical notes.
The image on the Front.
Some of the fonts arent really clear.
Maybe make some of the fonts stand out more. I don't like the font that I decided to use for 'Jamie Jones'.
I think that the layout could be slightly better. The Contents Page... The variety of images that I used.
The Colour scheme continuity.
The Way that I've underlayed the images.
That it looks authentic. I maybe could have used one more person as a model.
I think that some of the writing could have stood out more. The Feature Article... How it looked neat and tidy and that it all makes sense.
The story line is appropiate.
I have used a variety of images.
All the layout is the same.
It keeps with the house style. Some of the images could have been clearer.
I could have stuck to my style models more.
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