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The Zoo Story - Isolation

No description

Candace Jackson

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Zoo Story - Isolation

The Zoo Story
By: Edward ALbee Isolation Lesson Plan #6
Catherine Johnson
Climax Lesson Plan #4
Class Identification What is Social Class? Activity #1 Activity 2: Wrap Up You guessed it.....
Cartoon Activity 1:
Fill in the Letters Identity Lesson Plan #2 Activity #1
-like George, Jerry didn't have a normal childhood
-his isolation from people around him caused him to
lack the ability to behave acceptable in society
-trying to kill the dog
-not having any friends During the climax of the text....(*narrative structure*)
Jerry tries to take Peter's bench
Peter refuses to move from his bench
"Look, you; get off my bench. I don't care if it makes any sense or not. I want this bench to myself; I want you OFF IT!" (44).
Jerry attempts to get Peter to fight him for the bench
"Fight for that bench; fight for your parakeets; fight for your cats...fight for your manhood, you pathetic little vegetable" (47).
Repetition - "fight for" (analyzed later in lesson)
Peter picks up the knife and Jerry rushes towards Peter, stabbing himself purposefully Jerry wants Peter to fight for the bench because Peter has never had to fight for anything (his wife, his daughters, his perfect life in Jerry's eyes)
Middle/Upper class
Peter takes for granted all he has - life has made him "soft"
Jerry has had to fight for survival - he has no job and barely any furniture in his home as well as nobody in his life to live for (ISOLATION)
Being a lower class citizen, Jerry doesn't take anything for granted and life has made him "tough around the edges"
Albee creates Jerry and Peter as foils
Masculinity Theory - The knife symbolizes violence and how men turn to violence to prove their masculinity Take a moment to draw what you believe each man, based on thier socio-economic class, would have in their homes. Fill in the blank letters on the worksheet to find out the main topic of this lesson plan using the quote from the text Answer the question on the worksheet using the cartoon Elise Frank Identity Peter vs. Jerry Isolation- Snow Patrol Lesson Plan #7
Neal Hart
Binaries George of the Jungle Wrap Up -because of Jerry's low economic class and lack of frieds and a job, he has a negative view of his world
-he isolates himself from almost all human contact until he no longer knows how to act appropriately in society.
-ex. trying to kill the dog'
-the relationship with the dog eventually becomes more important than any relationship with another person -his isolated self eventually becomes his permanent identity Critical Theory "How does knowledge via interpretation
help us to understand and define human life?" By: Elizabeth Plume Language of Interpretation People having the same social, economic, or educational status
Upper, middle, and low class Marxist Theory The Marxist Theory interrogates and criticizes Jerry and Peter as having different economic status' Peter:
"I make around eighteen thousand a year, but I don't carry more than forty dollars at any one time" (pg 19). Jerry:
"I live on the top floor; rear; west. It's a small room, laughably small room, and one of the walls is made of beaver board; this beaverboard separates my room from another laughably small room" (pg 22). The Marxist Theory, which interprets social standing, comes down to the overall idea in the novel that a man defends himself when prodded by another of a different social class even though in different social standings. "With a rush he charges PETER and impales himself on the knife... JERRY impales himself on the knife at the end of PETER's still firm arm. Then PETER screams... Then [JERRY], too, screams, and it must be the sound of an infuriated and fatally wounded animal" (pg47). Wrap Up Based on the Marxist Theory, both men have different social-economic classes.
Throughout the novel, the reader is drawn into the defensive behavior shown by Peter and Jerry Jerry rushing at Peter with Peter's arm out, Jerry getting letting out his anger regarding his loneliness and one-night stands, and Peter's hesitation when answering Jerry. Isolation is shown by both men.
Peter isolating himself on the bench from his family and reading, and Jerry being isolated by his family in his small one room apartment with no friends This isolation allows them to both better defend themselves by silently agreeing that every man is to himself. Read the lines and answer the questions. What are binaries? Binaries are opposite ideas; symbolic pairs at opposite ends of a spectrum that have cultural meanings. Isolation vs. Integration Binaries in The Zoo Story Jerry's lack of family vs Peter's wife and kids.
Class discrepancies between Peter and Jerry.
Jerry's inability to interact with others and Peter's calm demeanor. "Roger Rabbit" by Sleeping With Sirens How do the roles of language, power relations, and motivations affect the way that individuals exist?
The binary that is the opposite way of life lived by Jerry and Peter is the reason why Jerry eventually dies. Post-Modern Theory Peter: "About those two empty picture frames...?"
Jerry: "I don't see why they need any explanation at all. Isn't it clear? I don't have pictures of anyone to put in them." (23). Jerry: "I don't talk to too many people - except to say like: give me a beer or where's the john..." (17). Do people from different walks of life view the world differently? Peter and Jerry have different epistemologies (ways of viewing the world) because of their different social and economic classes Jerry
- has experienced "hardship"
- incapable of connecting with and telling Peter his story
- so isolated that he doesn't have people to put in his picture frames
- LIFESTYLE forces him to be isolated Peter
- hasn't experienced "hardship"
- doesn't want to deal with anyone so he isolates himself on a bench
- struggles with listening to Jerry.
- CHOOSES to be isolated Lesson Plan #5
Communication Isolationism
By: Stephen Shea Activator Brainstorm: Using the T chart provided, define Jerry and Peter based upon how you interpret their communication through the story. Lesson: What is Communication? Communication: A means of passing and maintaining social contact of ideas, information, and culture
For example, Jerry communicates through:
•Narratives: stories with beginning, middle, end
While Peter’s communication consists of:
•Silence: refusal to speak (Jerry: "Are you?" (Peter sets thinking, but Jerry goes on) (pg. 33)
•He is passive: inactivity in which no move is made to fight for the initiative The way these two characters communicate defines their public persona: The presentation of one's identity in the public sphere of social interactions and perceptions. In the Critical Theory view, the audience identifies each character based upon their public persona. Activity: Irony: Peter and Jerry are together on the bench, yet each is isolated and alone in some way. Take a few minutes to describe how each character is isolated based on the images. How does the audience feel about each character? (Think of the Language of Interpretations defined in the prior slide) Summarizer: Critical Theory: How does knowledge via interpretation help us to understand and define human life? •A Zoo Story: Audience interprets the actions and dialogue of Jerry and Peter to gain a knowledge of their character
•Peter isolates himself in the park by seeking isolationism from others and society to read in peace, he is isolated for relaxation. (Mental isolation)
•Jerry is isolated because he lacks communication skills and is isolated from the rest of humanity. His point of view differs from the social norms of the time. (Social Isolation)
•Communication between Jerry and Peter is fragmented because they are so isolated from one another. Without successful communication, characters cannot connect with one another. Comprehension Check Define the identity of Jerry and Peter, in terms of their isolation, based upon how their diction and actions are interpreted by the reader. Albee believes that we should live in a world rid of class distinctions because some humans should not be viewed as more important and more powerful than others. Albee uses people from opposite ends of the spectrum to amplify the differences and troubles aused by class formation. #3 1:58 - 2:27 Lesson Plan #8
Analyzing Loneliness
By: Eric Baquero Warm Up Imagine you are alone on a deserted island. How do you feel?
Brainstorm on your worksheet. Watch the video if you need help imagining the setting. Post Colonial Theory: Language of Interpretation: Assumption Certain people in society are being silenced when their voice deserves to be heard What does Assumption Mean to you? The "Colored Queen" What do you notice about his actions? Where is the irony in the passage? Puerto Rican Family why are they always playing around and having fun? Bring It All Together... What is Albee saying about people who are isolated? Connect it to the world as a whole, and reference the Language of Interpretation "assumption." Fill out on your sheets. Lesson Plan #1 Discourse Critical Theory How does knowledge via
interpretation help us to
understand and define
human life? Activator Isolation So what? Speech is a social activity. Like with any group
occurrence, our behaviors reflect those considered
"normal" by those around us. This process is known as assimilation by psychologists. By observing discourse between two individuals, one can ascertain power dynamic, relationships, and much more!

In The Zoo Story, Jerry is emotionally isolated, so has a communication style different from Peter's refined, socially-acceptable manner. This leads to the inability to effectively communicate, ultimately causing the tragedy at the end. First Impressions There is much to be inferred from a person's
communication styles. Examine the given
lines, then describe in three words how you
would feel if a stranger walked up and said
them to you. How would you feel? Provide
three adjectives for each group of quotes. Lesson PLan #3
Gene Grella
Isolation and Understanding Warm Up! Write down a few activities that you like to do when you are alone. Be prepared to discuss! Who understands you? Now think now of some people or things that understand you as you are. Jerry and Isolation through Gay/Lesbian/Queer Theory In the play, how does Jerry seem to feel about his homosexual experiences as a child? (refer to page 25 if you need to) Why do you think Edward Albee as a "writer that happens to be gay", chose to portray Jerry in this way. How do you think Jerry's sexual orientation - (a persons romantic, emotional, or sexual attraction to a particular gender) as a child relates to his isolation during this time period? Jerry and Understanding Jerry speaks in an anecdote - (A brief story or tale told by a character in a piece of literature) about his landlady's dog that he tried to poison. In this anecdote, he reveals how isolated he truly is.

Turn to page 34 and I will reread the passage at the bottom beginning with "It's just... It's just that..." Why do you think Jerry can communicate with animals easier than a mirror? What is in the mirror that he finds himself unable to deal with? What is the point? Briefly explain why you think Edward Albee portrays Jerry as an individual who is isolated by his sexual orientation and why he feels so isolated from human connection as opposed to animal connection Isolation Vs. Privacy
By: Mike Bienkowski What happens when individuals view their realities as little more than a social norm? Take a moment to write down a little bit about your personalities, thinking about the social norms that exist within your world. Post Modern Theory the post modern theory analyzes how individuals view their worlds through relationships, language and social norms as shown by Jerry and Peter: - through isolation, Jerry has changed as a person, defining him as a lonely, unique person while Peter interacts with people as a part of the social norm privacy with communication, like Peter, creates a langauge and social barrier compared to Jerry who is isolated and alienated from the world. Use this time to analyze the quotes on the worksheet while connecting them to privacy and isolation. Activity 2: Summarizer: Through the Postmodern Theory, Jerry and Peter are portrayed as foils.
-Peter coming across as the communicator while Jerry is seen as an alienated soul.
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