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Noah's Covenant

No description

Jakob Leshovsky

on 18 December 2017

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Transcript of Noah's Covenant

Noah's Covenant
The Covenant
God was going to flood the world the remove the sin and wickedness from the world. He had a plan to save a man name Noah and his family because they were faithful to God. He talked to Noah telling him to build and ark so he and his family could be safe from the flood.
Bible Verse
"But Noah Found Favor in the Eyes of the Lord"
-Genesis 6:8
The water that swept the earth is a type for the water of baptism that we receive today to remove our Original Sin.
Another type is how the ark that saves Noah's family points to Heaven which will save us when we die.
Bible Verse
"Noah did all that God commanded him"
-Genesis 6:22
Works Cited
"About the Ark." Ark Encounter, arkencounter.com/about-the-ark/.
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