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Mentality of a Rapist

No description

Kimberley Dong

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Mentality of a Rapist

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The Mind of a Rapist
And the Effects of Rape Culture

Past Research
By: Kimberley Dong, Tara Vindla, Michael Ko

In Asian countries, an average of
of adult men have admitted to committing rape.
Women raped in Asian countries are raped between age 15-19
of Asian men who have raped said that they had raped for sexual entitlement
rapists are more likely to be serial criminals rather than serial rapists
of men who rape feel guilty

The "Bobo Doll" Experiment:
Scientists conducted research on 30 different children. 15 of these children were placed in a room where they watched an adult act aggressively towards a large doll named "Bobo" (hammers, toy guns, punches, etc). These children were then placed in a different room and showed aggressive behavior towards their peers.
We believe that society and rape culture twist people's minds into believing it is okay to rape.
college women have either been raped or suffered attempted rape.
of the women who are raped knew their assailants.
of the rapes occurred on a date.
Women, ages 16-24, have four times higher risk of being raped than any other population group.
1 in 12
male students surveyed had committed acts that met the legal definition of rape.
of male students who had committed rape took part in episodes with more than one attacker's gang rape.
of male students and 55 percent of female students involved in date rape had been drunk or using drugs.*
of males surveyed said that they would commit rape if they could escape detection.
of men surveyed believed that rape was acceptable if the woman asks the man out, the man pays for the date or the woman goes back to the man's room after the date.
of all rape cases go to court
of the offenders are convicted in court.
rapists walk free
Research Question:
Are rapists inherently evil or raised to be that way because of society's culture?
Stationary Bike Experiment:
15 men were told to pedal on a stationary bike. A female employee then walked into the room and commented on the speed of the cyclist (derogatory remark. Afterwards, the men responded differently to violent clips shown to them prior to the experiment.
nature vs nurture- that criminals are born bad and society has no role
Twin experiment- twins were separated at birth and raised in different households--> proves that personalities can differ greatly depending on where and how they were raised despite being genetically identical.
Bobo Doll experiment--shows how humans learn specific behavior from other humans.
some may believe that chemical inbalances can cause people to rape.
some believe that criminals who have ASPD (anti-social personality disorder)
Dr. Blackwood's experiment--> disproved that people with a specific genetic disorger are morre inclined to rape.
Call to Action
Sexual education/ education on rape
representation of women in the media--> sexualization of women is rape culture
Victim blaming
Rape is more than nature vs nurture
15/16 of rapists will walk free--> cases aren't handled because it would seem as if people are giving "special treatment to one victim".
we concluded that society and culture plays a big role in the actions of individuals
although some rapists have chemical imbalances and mental disorders, societal pressure drives a rapists to do the things that they do
ex. slut walk, Stubenville, "what they are wearing"
despite the frequent use of the word "rape" in society, the severity of the topic is not treated seriously
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