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Taylor Wiegert

No description

Kiersten Stiehm

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Taylor Wiegert

Our first brainstorm was to put all three mechanisms together onto one platform, and to connect them all in the middle. We were going to use a simple gear train, a cam and follower, and a bevel gear.
For our second brainstorm we were going to line all the mechanisms into one line and connect them at the top. We were going to use a crank and slider, bevel gear, and a belt drive. We found out that only different parts of these two ideas would actually work.

Bill Breault
Kiersten Stiehm

Problem/Task #4
The problem is the world no longer exists. Civilization has destroyed itself by wars, pollution, and little respect for the environment. There are a group of multi-cultural scientists, doctors, and engineers that survived this. The group have finally come out of their dome and see the world completely destroyed. Our task was to build a machine that can do three things, the ability to pump water, cut wood for building, and to grind grain so we can rebuild the Earth.
For research we looked up pictures of different gears that could possibly complete the job of pumping water, cutting wood, and grinding grain. We also went through our mechanical gear packet to think of different ideas. One of our group members thought that to move all the mechanisms at once we could use one big belt chain that wraps around all of them so we would only use one crank for the whole thing.
Criteria/Constraints: The whole machine can't be bigger than 10x10in. Also, you can only use one mechanism for each job. Another constraint is the time that we have to complete this machine. This whole machine has to work at one time. There can only be one input for the whole device. There is also a constraint on the supplies we have to build onto the machine. Our research changed our brainstorming ideas because it gave us examples and pictures to use for ideas that would actually work.
Choose the Best Idea
We chose our best idea by talking over it with our whole group. We looked over which one would work the best. We also looked at their advantages and disadvantages on how they would all work together.
Taylor Wiegert
Survival Challenge Task 4
Developing Ideas
Test and Evaluate
One improvement we could make is to have two metal plates behind our drive shafts to stabilize them. Another improvement is we could add wheels to make the gears move so we don't have to crank it.
Improve Design
One improvement that we made was we added another plate on the other side to make the whole machine more stable. We also put a simple gear train for grinding the grain because it was easier to connect. Then for cutting the wood we made a belt drive so it would connect to the machine. The last improvement we made was we made the chain tighter around the mechanisms so it would move smoother.
Communication Results
There are other ways to communicate our idea besides just using Prezi. One way that we could communicate our idea is by making a podcast. Another way is by making a power point of our idea and sharing it to people. We could also make a website and put pictures, information, and details about our idea.
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