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V for Vendetta

No description

Alex Davidson

on 25 September 2011

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Transcript of V for Vendetta

V For Vendetta
The Power Of One Person
By Alex Davidson The last fight Scene
The domino scene in V for Vendetta is a very powerful scene in the movie, the dominoes them self took up over 200 hours and 22,000 dominoes to create the domino set up. The domino scene is a significant part of the movie as it has many meanings to it. The scene happens just before V is planning to wipe out the house of Parliament. V has set up many dominoes at his own house they are set up in a sequence in the Pattern of a V this is to represent V destroying the whole building of Parliament. The domino scene represents the power of one person by how one person can have a chain effect. This starts with V pushing one domino to soon have all of the domino’s knocked over in a continuous pattern. After the chain effect of domino’s being knocked over, there is one domino left standing. The one domino left standing represents Evey; this shows that Evey is the only person that V wants to come out alive from destroying the parliament building. This is then shown by Evey being the only person left as V passes away just before the bombing of the building. Conclusion is here is important is important too is important Introduction The last fight scene represents how one person can change the world by V taking on a large group of thirteen Government people called finger man. V is very undermanned as he only has knives and his karate skills, compared to the finger man having thirteen men all carrying guns. The fight scene happens just before the bombing of the parliament building, this occurs just outside Parliament; just before V’s mastermind takes place. This occurs by the government agencies and the finger man wanting to stop V from blowing up the Parliament Building. Once the government agencies and finger man were informed about the 5th of November and the terrorist plans going ahead in attempt to give the country hope this is represented by V quoting “the Country is in need of a lot more than a building right now.” With the attempt from the Finger man to kill V with all of their ammunition, V blocks all of their bullets in a short quick fire of bullets coming from all directions once the finger man have ran out of bullets V quotes “my turn” this is where V uses his knife and his karate skills to kill all 12 finger man. V is then left to a one on one with Mr Peter Creedy, in a desperate attempt Mr Creedy fires all his bullets at V once out of ammunition Mr Creedy asks V in frustration “why won’t you die?” V then replies “because I have ideas and ideas are bulletproof.” This then results in V having Mr Creedy around the neck strangling him to death. This is a very powerful scene as it shows how one person can change the world with V all by himself with the determination he shows he managed to fight off his enemies. The Domino Scene V for Vendetta is a film about Evey Hammond and the events that lead up to the fifth of November and also helping the notorious man in a Guy Fawkes mask who calls himself V. The man behind the mask is a prominent figure amongst the population of London and saves Evey from many deathly situations. Together Evey and V take down the cruel government that has taken the power of London, and by doing this it changes the way London is and also how the people act. The power of one is the theme that will be covered in this presentation and with this, the techniques in specific scenes that convey the ideas of the power of one. In conclusion the following scenes from the movie V for Vendetta represent the power of one. The power of one is a theme that represents what one person can do from an idea or belief; it shows the power that one can have if they believe in themselves. First of all V wanted to seek revenge, then he sees it as a way he can help the country of England so follows through with the idea. V is a leader who is closely helped out by Evey Hammond who helps V destroys the Government agencies of England. V succeeds as he correctly and efficiently planned the bombing to take down Government house, even his passing wasn’t going to stop Evey from finishing V’s job of taking down Government house. This shows that the power of one can have a ripple effect of others as if one person leads others will follow meaning that the goal by that one person will be succeeded by the backing of others.
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