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Evils of Technology Affecting our Society

by Kristopher Sousa

Kristopher Sousa

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Evils of Technology Affecting our Society

The End Computers and Society Social Media Examples:
- Facebook
- twitter
- tumblr Search Engines Examples of
search engines:
- Google
- bing
- Yahoo! Online theft of Purchase Info Linking your credit card info and debt card info into services online can be a huge risk. Fraud, scams and hacks happen quite often online to unsuspecting people who are lured into paying for something online. Some examples of places peoples information have fallen victim to this are the Play Station Network and PayPal often not to large extents like that claimed by the hacking group Anonymous. Mapping Services Examples of
Mapping Services:
- Google earth
- Mapquest
- Bing maps Privacy What is social media? Social Media sites like Facebook, tumblr and Twitter are places where people go to connect with friends and family. They often involve posting photos, sharing information about what your doing, who your with and often even where you are. What is a search engine? A search engine is a website that gives you links to other websites depending on the criteria that you are looking for. Why are Search
engines dangerous? Search engines search for strings of words in any website and give you back results based on what you searched and popularity of the websites. This means that you can search a person and find their information on Facebook, Canada 411 or other websites that have your information.
Search engines also keep track of your searches so people with access to this information can find out what kind of person you are and what kind of things you look at with out even knowing your name. Why is Social Media
a privacy threat? Social Media websites often hold a lot of personal information about a user for example Facebook could know your gender, date of birth, contact info, where you live, go to school, who your related too, etc things that you don't want any random person to know. It is important to be careful what information you put online possibly by not putting anything but the necessities online and by making sure any customizable privacy settings keep your information hidden from people who shouldn't be allowed to see it. Often TV media uses social media websites to find information on people in the news for example the Newtown massacre the shooter was looked up on Facebook and people found someone else with the same name and location and his profile picture was and Facebook with people saying bad things about him although it was not him. By: Kristopher Sousa What is the risk of
mapping services? Although mapping services help the average person find where they need to go they also help criminals by being a planning tool for which houses to break into, find nice cars, boats and etc. that people have parked out side their houses. So over all mapping services make life easier for those we don't want around either. Other risks of Mapping services? - Unwanted people finding out where you live.
- Things like license plates and faces that belong to you could not be blurred to your satisfaction or at all. An example of a
social media downfall Your privacy is an important thins in our complex and very viral society. Privacy can involve:
-How personal information is stolen
-Tracking of websites
-Video cameras
-Social Media
- etc. Theft of Personal Information or Identity Theft Tracking of
Websites Cameras Email Banking Information Cameras in
digital devices Security Cameras What is Email? Why are Emails a Security threat? Common Email Invasion tactics Electronic mail services are used for people, businesses and governments to communicate quickly and efficiently. They're also commonly used to send files such as word documents, pictures, a pdf, etc from one person or group of people to another. Email is undoubtedly useful but it does come with threats. Threats like fake emails, spam, viruses and phishing some of which can open up your computer to external threats. Phishing Spam Viruses Very similar messages sent to many different users often containing links to malware and phishing websites. Phishing is the act of trying to get peoples information such as passwords, pins, user names, emails, credit card info, etc by posing as a trust worthy sites such Paypal or Banking sites. Viruses in emails usually consist of attachments that resend the email they arrived in to certain amount of people in the users address books and/or corrupting files on the the users machines. A great example that did exactly this the ILOVEYOU email virus of May 4, 2000 or the Melissa Virus that was a word document and infected the NORMAL.DOT so any MS word file saved later would also contain the virus therefore it spread very fast. List of Websites Used

- http://computer.howstuffworks.com/virus4.htm
- http://www.microsoft.com/canada/protect/protect-yourself/spam-and-phishing-scams/article.aspx?article=how-to-handle-suspicious-e-mail
- http://www.howtogeek.com/115483/htg-explains-learn-how-websites-are-tracking-you-online/
http://www.raisesmartkid.com/3-to-6-years-old/4-articles/34-the-good-and-bad-effects-of-video-games Bullying Bullying can happen through:
-Texting, emails Entertainment The ways T.V., Movies and Games affect our society and computers. School Bullies School bullies can take many forms and have many different bullying tools at there disposal. The bullying can take physical, verbal or cyber forms. Cyberbullying Physical Bullying Verbal Bullying A common form of bullying is to steal a persons property and hide it from them, taking a persons mobile device and and posting embarrassing things on social media sites or over SMS services. They're is also the classic shoving, poking, dirty looks and tripping up that happens in a school environment. The most common reason for theft of personal information for the purpose of obtaining money either by sending fake emails requesting assistance, stealing credit card info or by stealing your bank info. These theifs will often try and spend lots of money quickly so that they get what they want before it is noticed. Credit and debit cards are huge targets because they are direct sources of money. Another reason for identity theft is so the thief can hide behind your name for example if they committed a crime and needed to pretend to be someone else or wish to frame a person for a crime they have or will commit. Why Steal
Personal Info? How is your
Information Stolen? Often the theft of your personal information is the fault of a persons ignorance for example clicking on a suspicious websites, opening odd emails downloading infected programs or falling for info grabbing scams. Identity theft can also come from people searching through trash or recycling for information such as bank statements or credit card bills. How to prevent
identity theft? Some important ways to keep your private information safe is to create strong passwords consisting of numbers and capitals, don't save passwords or pins on your computer or online, use different passwords for different websites. Also having a firewall, a good anti-virus being aware of suspicious things online and being conscious of fake websites. Sharing information wisely and make sure you always trust who your giving youe information too. An example of a internet security victim How each
method works Methods of tracking:
- IP Addresses
- HTTP Referrer
- Cookies
- User Agent
- Browser fingerprint Super Cookies are like cookies only they make several copies of themselves for different folders and when one is deleted it is replaced by a copy of the other Super cookie copies
User Agent's tell the website your opening the browser and operating system your using which can again be used to target ads or decide which form of malware a infected site will send you
Browser fingerprints are specific details about your browser the make you different from all the other people on the website, things like your extensions your browser type weather you have cookies enabled or disabled, installed fonts your time zone, etc make up your browser fingerprint. This is perfect for zeroing in on a specific user for which ever reasons. IP addresses can be used to give a rough location good for targeting ads and phishing scams.
HTTP referrer helps websites track where you came from or what website you found a link for there on.
Cookies are used to store information for a website which can be bad because it may store log in info which could be obtained by other programs but it can also used to track which advertising you've seen over more then one site Our society is filled with cell phones and digital devices many of which have built in cameras. With this easy access to cameras we often have small or large events caught and sent viral all around the world. The cameras in cell phones also have negative affects for example the recording of people to use to embarrass them or black mail them, inappropriate pictures that can be taken and sent to anybody with a few taps in a screen. Security cameras are a necessary part of any business they help crack down on theft but when is too much? Security cameras are used to track peoples movements help security services look for suspicious or wanted people but is it fair that because of the cheapness of storing data now, hundreds of hours of recordings are being stored. Some security cameras my make people feel uncomfortable or like they are being stalked in places such as a restaurant or changing area. The necessity of security cameras needs to be balanced against the freedoms and privacy of the people they're watching. An example A recent famous example of a downfall of cameras in cell devices is what happened to Amanda Todd. She sent a nude picture to somebody and then later it was used to try and force her to do sexual favors through blackmailing her and this person effectively ruin her life. She ended up drinking, doing drugs and cutting herself because of the bullying. Her story resulted in two suicide attempts. The second time around she released a video about her life not long before she succeeded in killing her self, all because of a picture that was sent out into the big cruel world. Amanda Todd's Video Your banking information is very important because it is what protects your hard earned money. So keeping your information safe is number one priority but there are a lot of different methods used to get a holed of your bank info from malicious malware to reading it off of that paper your forgot to hide or didn't get ride of when you meant too. It's important to take measures to protecting your money things like using different pins for your accounts, never writing it down or making digital copies of your passwords. Verbal bulling mostly consists of calling people rude names or making fun of their intelligence level, looks, attire, family background and speech.
Often verbal bullying can involves threats of physical bullying and spreading rumors. Sometimes verbal bullying isn't to a persons face it is just talking about them behind their back to other people. Commerce Social Norms The drastic effects computers have had on:
Time Management
Social Interaction Cyberbullying is bullying through the use of eltronic medium. The internet gives people the courage to say extremely hurtful things that they would not have said in real life mostly because they don't have to look the person in the face. It can consist on things like threats spreading of rumors, hate mail, mean pictures, rude words but has become increasingly more common then the other forms of bullying. Sometimes cyberbullying bands people together that dislike a person and they all pick on that person. This has caused many issues like teen suicides for example the Amanda Todd story mentioned earlier, people to be harsher on their appearance, a decline in a persons grades and a decline in a persons social environment. Cyberbullying is definitely a problem both in schools because it causes un-seen damages and is a lot harder to track down then the stereo typical school ground bully also as technology advances their are becoming more and more ways for bullies to target people though electronic devices. Canadian Bullying Rates
by Grade Levels (2011-2012) Society Society and the people that make it up generally disagrees with bullying since people don't like the idea of being picked on themselves. When it comes down to it doing something people often turn a blind eye, or don't report it because they don't want to be called a "snitch" and have the bullying target them or they believe the act of bullying is miniscule and as no effect. The extent of bullying prevention is usually just talking about it with people or if a authoritative figure catches on to it by themselves. Our society needs to realize that reporting bullying even small acts are important because enough small acts eventually end up a large hurt. Work Bullying at work is different from school bullying because it more often involves mature adults who are picking on a persons inexperience or inabilities for doing the task at hand. According to the Canadian Institute of Health Research 40% of Canadian workers experience bullying on a weekly basis. Workplace bullying can be hard to combat because it may often come from superiors that do not like you or coworkers who will seldom want to admit to seeing anything for risk or their job. Most companies have people you can report bullying too and if not there are organizations out there that can help. Texting and Emails Texting and emails are a form of cyberbullying, they can be used to hurt peoples feelings without having to deal with the guilt that can come from seeing the hurt expression on a persons face. Often MMS are used to spread pictures that a person would not like others to see. The benefit of emails and texting is that you have hard proof that a person is bullying you and you can take the proof to an administrator or if necessary the police. Often you can also block a person from sending you messages which may solve or at least help the problem. Television ads
subliminal messaging
connection with the world
socials standards Movies Movies have affected Society in many of the same ways T.V. has but a common thing that is added to movies and some popular T.V. shows is subliminal messaging which is used for giving people ideas subconsciously. This is commonly used as a form of advertising or making people think what a person or group of people want you to think. Movies are usually based on outrages ideas and can often lead to people thinking they can live life like those on the big screen do and those people are often disappointed in life. Video Games Society Computers And it's effects on: And their effects on: Society Computers Video games have affected society and the people in it in negative and positive ways, a lot of video games put the players mind to the test and train parts of their brain like problem solving, hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking, situational awareness etc. They also can teach people things about the real world or be used as educational tools for example Sim City has attracted a lot of people to become urban planers or designers. Through some video games people can also connect with friends and work together for a common goal helping in the development of team work skills. The biggest Pro of a video game though is when it achieves its general purpose, to be entertaining. Society And their effects on: Computers T.V. Has effected our society in many ways like advertisements for products, organizations or companies help boost the economy, the news keeps people up to date on large events and offers an opinion, most other things are shows for entertainment ranging from celebrity news to cop shows. T.V. is part of most house holds today so it's positive effects are felt just as much as it's negative effects. Negative effects that T.V. has contributed to are things like raising obesity rates, higher appearance standards and many hours of peoples lives spent glued to noneducational shows in stead of being social with other people. As computers and T.V.'s become more advanced they have started to share many functions for example on most computers you can now watch television off the internet and on a lot of T.V.'s you can now surf the web or play games. T.V shows are also often available online as illegal downloads that can be watched from a computer, mobile device or other electronic mediums. Computers have also been affected by T.V. through advertising diffrent companies and different brands like Dell, Apple, Hp, etc. Again Movies are very similar to T.V. in the way they effect computers, they can be easily pirated and watched on electronic devices. Movies also have an affect on what kind of computers people get as they want the amazing computers that the special agents and people in the movies use. On the flip side computers are a huge source of advertising for movies through trailers and web ads also a lot of movies become the inspiration for online games. Pros Video games have also had a negative effect on our society, they often cause people to become anti-social or can teach people the wrong values and not to consider all the options just to act on one that is the quickest. Academic achievements are often negatively effected too, people who play video games often skip out of doing homework or studying so the can game. Online gaming can lead to the exposer to bad language and vulnerable to other online dangers. People can develop addictions to video games and those people often have attention problems and impulsive behavior. The worst cons to a game can be the countless hours wasted or when the line between reality and a game becomes blurred. Cons Video games have effected computers because of the need for better performance to run them some computers are even specifically made for people to play video games on for example Dell's Alienware line of computers. Video games have also given have also been give another platform to run on instead of just consoles specifically made for gaming. Shopping Computers have changed the way people shop so much, now people can look at flyer online instead of getting a paper copy, people can also browser a stores collection before even leaving the comfort of their own home. Computers have also allowed consumers to buy things without leaving their house and having them delivered right to their front door through the mail or other shipping services. Local vs. Global Through the internet commerce has become a global event people can now buy things from the store down the street or a story on the other side of the planet just with a few clicks. This has opened people up to other cultures since if that want to try something the can order it and have it within a few days instead of having to go on months long journey just to get a foreign spice. The internet also means that store owners have a larger customer base and some stores don't even have to have a physical store to make money. Dating Language Violence Time
Management Social Interaction Other Privacy Threats Computers, electronic devices and the internet have hugely effected modern dating. Their are couples that exist only because they can talk to each other over a form of a computer and many couples that use electronic mediums to talk about awkward things like sex and emotions because they don't want to see face to face with the person. Computers have also often been used to break up with people again so they don't have to see the hurt in the persons eyes. Things have evolved from relationships over computers such as sexting, the act of being saying or send sexual things over text messages this can be extremely dangerous as you never know for sure who is really reading the messages and this could potentially life ruining. Dating has also been taken advantage of online though dating sites that offer to set you up with a person like you if you pay and sign up, places like this can include eharmony, christian mingle, etc. Although there is many stories of these sites success there is even more off people who spent money not to be satisfied or people who were flat out ripped off once they gave away their money. Computers are amazing methods of communication but in the need for quick short messages a whole new language has emerged. This language is English but with the use of shortened words like tmrw, ur, r, hw and even the use of numbers like 4ever, 2gthr. The use of this language is often the cause for people bad spelling skills and can carry over into assignments without the person even noticing. Although with the advancement in phone and computer technology it is become easier for people to be quick and still maintain the proper spelling of words so hopefully we can avoid a generation of "how r u 2dy"s and generally horrid spelling. Computers are a great gift to society they make things so much faster from typing documents to finding information but they are also procrastinators dream with internet access or with out a computer can hold hours of time wasting activities that can distract you from doing the task at hand weather it be a 69 slide power point for school or NASA project. Time management in this society has mostly come down to realizing the amount of work at hand and the will of a person to not procrastinate or let themselves be distracted. Solutions to distractions are to move away from them or have some form of monitoring keep you on task. Violence in out society is often blamed on violent, TV, movies, music and video games. The violence in these movies has been proven to reflect some peoples actions although in most cases that video games and etc are blamed there is a deeper story such as abuse or illness that can truly be blamed. More often then not computers and movies are only add ideas to people who have a built up anger or a tendency for violence. Social interaction in our society now consists a lot of talking over messages, games and social media sites. Decreasingly people are getting out for a coffee or to just have a nice chat. The factors that affect a persons social life can varies things like, location, work, school and time can be big factors. Luckily for those that can't get out to socialize the internet can connect them with friends and family. By: Kristopher
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